VideoMan is a new SaaS platform where marketers can host their videos for improved engagement. It launches today at 11 AM EST.
VideoMan video creation software
At 10 AM, there is a free training session to show all the ways it can build your business, including a service business building videos for other marketers. Here’s the link for the training session: VideoMan Training. They will be giving away 10 copies of this new tool during the session. Winners will be notified via email. Winners get access to VideoMan software and all upgrades for free.

Besides these grand prizes, Every attendee will receive 5 valuable Software Apps for just for attending the live session. Plus, everyone will receive case studies showing ways you can use VideoMan in your business.

Unlike other platforms, VideoMan has a lot of benefits specially tailored specifically for marketing videos. They call it “Next-Gen Video Hosting Technology”. The essence of its uniqueness is that it offers video creation tools in addition to video hosting.

Here are some examples:
➤ Video Editing with Timelines. Add as many timeline layers as you need for watermarks, background videos, audio tracks, and more.
➤ Slow Motion, fast motion, reverse motion, etc.
➤ Create Titles and Subtitles
➤ Compose videos from multiple clips
➤ Millions of Premium HQ Stock Assets you can insert into your videos,
➤ Loom-like Video & Screen Recording,
➤ Text-to-Voice voice-overs,
➤ Thumbnail and Image Designing,
➤ Like YouTube, VideoMan can suggest other videos to viewers, but with an important difference: they are your own videos, not random videos that could be from a competitor.
➤ and many more. See the details on our bonus page:VideoMan.

During the launch, VideoMan is available for a one-time fee, unlike most other platforms. If you wait till the launch is over to invest, they say there will be a monthly charge.

Also during the launch, you can get a Commercial License so you can create and manage your clients’ Video Campaigns (as many as you want) as a service.

Plus, you will receive 20 GB of storage for your videos.

We have a coupon that is good today early15 which will save you 15% at check-out.

If you have other video creation software that you like, that’s fine. You can still host your videos on this system and take advantage of its benefits. In the future, you may want to build new videos in the system. Get it here: VideoMan.

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