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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

TrafficCrush: More traffic than you ever thought possible #ad

Mike McKay, Radu Hahaianu, and Karthick Np are releasing TrafficCrush today at 11 AM EST. What if you could start getting unlimited traffic from the world’s biggest platforms? How about: ➤ Video traffic from Youtube and TikTok ➤ Social media traffic from Instagram and Twitter ➤ Autoresponder traffic from many built-in leads ➤ SEO traffic from Google ➤ and you may even become the next viral influencer. The creators describe this new application as “a secret way to tap into all that traffic”. It aims to grow traffic to your website by leaps and bounds using the power of these... [...]

TrafficMate builds strong traffic 3 ways #ad

You can’t be successful online without traffic. Your website or blog needs traffic. Otherwise, it will starve; there will be no income to support it. Today, Mike McKay, Radu Hanaianu and Luan Henrique are releasing their traffic software, TrafficMate. This new software, provides traffic to any website in three different ways. • Social Media Traffic With one click, you can share any post from you site on FB or Twitter. Now, you can have new inbound deep links to your site with almost no effort. • SEO Traffic It provides keywords to focus on, it adds tags into your posts and creates... [...]

Protect your online videos with VidProtect #ad

We don’t know why, but for the last 6 weeks or so, hackers have been trying to get inside IM NewsWatch. So far, none has succeeded. We have worked hard to protect the site, so we are hoping that they never will. Some websites are not so fortunate. All around the internet, hackers have been breaking into sites and stealing information, including training videos, video products, sales videos & more. If your site has valuable videos that you want only verified users to be able to access, you may want to investigate Radu Hahaianu‘s new software, VidProtect. This new software, according... [...]

Protect your WordPress site from hackers, malware and more #ad

These are scary and they are real threats to your site: • Hackers • Botnets • Malware • Code Injections • SQL or XSS attacks. Technology experts are warning us about the risks to our site integrity and even survival if the bad guys get into our site’s back office. And unfortunately, WordPress (and the many plugins and themes we add to it) are particularly at risk. If you have a WordPress site, you need to be aware of the potential for hackers to use inherent weaknesses in poorly written add-ins and in WordPress, itself, to infiltrate your site. You need to take explicit... [...]

Article Buddy Pro Turns Videos Into Unique Articles #ad

Good content fuels your site’s success. You need content for everything you do online, blogs, backlinks, videos, etc. Content- good content- is what makes you credible. But content doesn’t come from thin air; it takes time, money or both, to create. Radu Hahaianu has just released his latest version of his software, Article Buddy Pro, in conjunction with Neil Napier and Todd Gross. And it aims to make your content creation a whole lot easier. With this software, by just pressing a button you’ll get unlimited, original and readable, rewritten content based on YouTube videos. How does... [...]

Article Buddy Pro: Builds unique content for busy marketers #ad

Content is the engine that keeps your website moving forward. You always need fresh content for your blogs, for your tweets and other social media interactions and for your videos. It’s hard to make money online unless you create content. On the other hand, content usually takes a good bit of time to create or it takes a lot of money to hire someone to create it for you. (We spend 10 hours a day creating content for IM NewsWatch.) But those aren’t your only two options. With new technology released by Radu Hahaianu, you can have hundreds of unique articles created at the push of a button.... [...]

Keyword Suggestion Pro: Using Google auto-complete to find keywords #ad

Nearly every online marketer alive does keyword research. And most of them use Google Keyword Tool, or a commercial tool that uses it behind the scenes. That population of keywords is heavily mined every day. But Google search’s auto-complete function uses a completely different process. When you type in a keyword to search, it makes suggestions based on what other people have been searching for. That information is exactly what a marketer needs to build a tool or website that will meet people’s needs. But this is hardly ever used by marketers. That’s why Radu Hahaianu developed... [...]