You can’t be successful online without traffic. Your website or blog needs traffic. Otherwise, it will starve; there will be no income to support it.

Today, Mike McKay, Radu Hanaianu and Luan Henrique are releasing their traffic software, TrafficMate.

This new software, provides traffic to any website in three different ways.

Social Media Traffic With one click, you can share any post from you site on FB or Twitter. Now, you can have new inbound deep links to your site with almost no effort.

SEO Traffic It provides keywords to focus on, it adds tags into your posts and creates backlinks to get improved rankings for more traffic.

Auto Content Creation This new tool creates unique content for your site in seconds. This provides starter (emphasis ours) articles that you can quickly edit and post, which means more visitors, leads and sales. You could post the output from the tool directly, but that would be a mistake; edit it to make it in your own voice.

During launch week, they are including a commercial license with your software. This license allows you to perform these SEO services for clients (think Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and similar sites or local businesses in your town) as a part of your business.

In TrafficMate, you are getting the “Software, Video Tutorials and everything else needed to succeed – This is the complete package.”

We have a collection of bonuses for our readers (we’ll place a link on WarriorPlus for getting them). They complement this new software:
Targeting Instagram Video training on using Instagram to build your business.
Product Creation Formula How to create a new product and bring it to market
Video Strike A powerful desktop app that creates remarkable presentations for your videos & webinars
FB VidMatic Creates entire fully monetized sites constructed from Facebook newsfeeds
Vid Promo Pages A premium page builder that comes with tens of ready-made templates based on Hahaianu’s highest converting sales pages

The sales videos show how excited they are about their new product. It may excite you, too. Check it out here: TrafficMate.

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