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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Addictive Site Builder Builds 100% Automated Sites #ad

Building a website is the start of your online marketing career. But it takes expertise so you need to either learn to do the work or hire someone to do it. The third alternative is to find software that will build your site for you. To a limited degree, WordPress, the free software platform, will do that. You will need to do some customization work to get a site that has the look and the content you want, but WordPress gives you a foundation to start with. Most web hosting companies will set up basic WordPress as a part of their hosting package. If that degree of automatic setup still isn’t... [...]

Animated CTAs: More people will push your buttons #ad

Igor Burban‘s new WordPress plugin, Animated CTAs, gives you unforgettable (and almost irresistible) buttons to get people to take action today. These buttons aren’t cheesy butterfly or flower animations. They are strictly business. You can invite people to opt in, to like you on Facebook, buy your product or anything else. These buttons have several action effects: • A message slides out from behind the button (sliding up, down or to the side) • The button itself moves (sideways, up or down) to reveal a message that was hidden behind it. There two ways your visitors cause... [...]