Building a website is the start of your online marketing career. But it takes expertise so you need to either learn to do the work or hire someone to do it.

The third alternative is to find software that will build your site for you. To a limited degree, WordPress, the free software platform, will do that. You will need to do some customization work to get a site that has the look and the content you want, but WordPress gives you a foundation to start with.

Most web hosting companies will set up basic WordPress as a part of their hosting package.

If that degree of automatic setup still isn’t enough for you, there are other software tools that will customize your site even more.

One new package that offers streamlined customization is Addictive Site Builder, released a few days ago by Igor Burban.

► It builds sites automatically in any niche you wish.
► It maintains the site automatically, adding curated content as often as you select.
► It automatically shares your content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
► It incorporates affiliate ads that earn you a commission whenever someone buys an advertised product.
► It allows you to build as many sites as you choose, each one bringing in additional viewers who can click on your ads.
► It offers an optional add-on feature that builds you more powerful sites and authorizes you to sell your sites to other marketers.

Burban reports that these are attractive sites with content that readers will find addictive and will continue to click and read.

A detailed over-the-shoulder tutorial is included so getting started is a piece of cake.

Watch this new too in action ere and get your own copy: Addictive Site Builder.

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