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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Zapable: How many apps are on your mobile phone? Mine? 195 #ad

The mobile phone culture is firmly embedded in modern society. All over the world people have flocked to these phones for convenience and for powerful flexibility. With the right apps, they can do virtually anything a computer can do. You use apps; we all do. There’s a business opportunity in that fact. Somebody can profit from selling apps, and it might as well be you. In fact, there are over 27.2 Million small businesses in the USA alone. 86.2% of these businesses have said they an app for their customers to use to connect with their business would be a plus, but they think only the “Fortune... [...]

Zapable, so ordinary people can build & sell phone apps #ad

With so many people using smart phones these days, any business online needs to adjust its marketing plan. You need to meet your clients where they are; that is, on their phones. You need a way to place your information and offers in front of them, on their phone, in a way that requires very little effort on their part. The way to do that is with a phone app. A while back, Chris Fox and Andrew Fox developed software that lets anyone build an app without knowledge of XML, JavaScript or any of that technical stuff. They called their software Zapable. This week they have released a new, improved version... [...]

Mobile App Manifesto: How to do effective mobile marketing #ad

Mobile App Manifesto show you how to add an effective mobile marketing strategy to your online business. Mobile phones and tablet computers are spreading throughout the world like wildfire. More and more, people will make them their primary means of accessing the internet. Your business, and your clients’ businesses, need to recognize this shift in society and modify your marketing to take advantage of the change, rather than being damaged by the change. The foundation of your mobile marketing strategy must be a well-designed mobile website. The best way to do this is to build a “responsive”... [...]

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