With so many people using smart phones these days, any business online needs to adjust its marketing plan.

You need to meet your clients where they are; that is, on their phones.

You need a way to place your information and offers in front of them, on their phone, in a way that requires very little effort on their part.

The way to do that is with a phone app. A while back, Chris Fox and Andrew Fox developed software that lets anyone build an app without knowledge of XML, JavaScript or any of that technical stuff. They called their software Zapable.

This week they have released a new, improved version of their successful software that lets you, in their words, “build apps in a zap”. This updated software allows you to build amazing apps for yourself or for your clients.

And, you can do it all from your own computer, from an iPad, an iPhone or an Android.

With Zapable, you can sell into a largely untapped $4.4 Billion market by creating your own professional app in just a few minutes.

No matter what kind of business you (or your client) are in, you can probably use an app to improve your results.

No longer do you need to pay programmers to build your apps. This new software is literally drag-and-drop simple. You can see a demo on the sales page.

When you watch the demo, you will know that you can create your app yourself, in minutes, with no special skills or coding.

And, fortunately, you can build the apps for both Apple IOS and Android. You’ve got both bases covered with this one solution.

And, if you do work for clients, the Fox brothers are licensing you to create apps for yourself and for all your clients.

Here are some of the things you can make apps for:
• Build Amazon stores in any niche and place them on phones
• Place your Shopify store on customer phones
• Sell music with an iTunes store on people’s phones
• Push your blog posts or social media posts to your followers.

And that’s just the beginning. If you have a client that makes appointments, save them time by building them an app so people can make appointments using their phones.

And there are dozens of other ways you can use these apps in your business.

Currently, the new version of Zapable is on sale to celebrate the new launch. The investment will never be lower than today.

Get all the facts; otherwise, you will be walking away from a potentially big profitable business. Two ways to do that:

1. Read our PDF that tells everything you could want to know: Get acquainted with the app business.
2. See the online sales page (with the demo video) here: Zapable.

Zapable mobile app builder

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