Mobile App Manifesto show you how to add an effective mobile marketing strategy to your online business.

Mobile phones and tablet computers are spreading throughout the world like wildfire. More and more, people will make them their primary means of accessing the internet. Your business, and your clients’ businesses, need to recognize this shift in society and modify your marketing to take advantage of the change, rather than being damaged by the change.

The foundation of your mobile marketing strategy must be a well-designed mobile website. The best way to do this is to build a “responsive” site, one that recognizes what device the visitor is using and then tailors the presentation for that device. Jim Hudson’s Mobile App Manifesto shows you how to do this.
After building your site, you are guided in doing SEO that will keep mobile devices in the picture. Mobile devices, and their users’ habits of use, are different and you need to take note of this difference in your SEO.
Third, Mobile App Manifesto shows how to build an app that mobile device users can install to give them a truly custom view of your content.
Fourth, it shares the practical way to do SMS marketing through text messages to mobile devices. This capability has advantages over email and shouldn’t be ignored.
Fifth, it is possible to buy traffic from mobile users and this report shows you how.

In this training, Hudson shares a list of 12 mobile themes you can use, themes that look good on mobile devices and on PCs and Macs.

Don’t ignore mobile marketing. You can get started here: Mobile App Manifesto

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