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Friday, April 19, 2024

[Today Only] How Matt Bacak Built a 7-Figure Online Business #ad

We first met Matt Bacak in 2006 when we first entered the online marketing industry. Even 14 years ago, Bacak was a successful internet marketer and was already teaching other marketers how to follow the same path to online success. He has used a number of marketing methods over the years, including platform speaking and webinars, but his first love, responsible for a lot of his sales, is email. Bacak has just released his book Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System, which shares how he created a 7-Figure online business using nothing but ethical email marketing. That may surprise you. After all,... [...]

Major Changes Happening for Email Marketers #ad

You may have noticed that email isn’t as effective as it used to be. Email is still the most effective marketing tool, but that is changing due to the glut of emails that people receive, daily. (We get about 500.) As a result of that glut, it’s becoming harder for email marketers like you and us to achieve the same kind of response rate we used to get from sending out just one simple email. There are multiple reasons for this decline. Deliverability is getting tougher with all the new regulations, and since more marketers are using email than ever before, open rates, clicks and sales... [...]

Jason Mangrum Offers 5X Cash Improvement #ad

How you use email is critical for your online marketing success. If you don’t use the best email tactics, you business will suffer. Do you send out email, only to have these results: few opens? few clicks? few purchases? If this sounds like you, consider Jason Mangrum‘s latest product, 5X Strategy. When you do, you may discover:: ► Better open rates than you’ve ever seen ► A higher ROI for paid traffic email campaigns ► A stronger bond of trust with your subscribers ► A 5X increase in your marketing results As a result, you may find your life has improved: ■ Your bank account... [...]

Email Cash Blueprint: 19 email profit-boosting methods #ad

Temper Thompson is a 17 year-old boy who is a protégé of famed marketer and trainer Matt Bacak. Together, they have produced Email Cash Blueprint, with the methods Bacak taught Thompson, methods that made Thompson’s business take off. With a mailing list of under 1000 subscribers, using this method, Thompson (a high school student) earns over $10,000 in a month, which is over 3 times what his teachers make. Email Cash Blueprint contains an interview Bacak did with Thompson, in which the method used is detailed. You get the video, the audio and a PDF transcript of the interview. You can... [...]

17 Email Income Hacks: get your email marketing working again #ad

Matt Bacak does email marketing, a lot of it. He sends many millions of emails every year, up to a million per day. He has learned a lot about what works to get a higher response from marketing emails. Over a period of many years, he has honed his email process to bring in a big response every time he mails. Now, in his new training, 17 Email Income Hacks, he shares his insights based on his experimentation and split-testing. This training is delivered in video format, plus you receive the audio extracted from the video as well as a transcript in PDF form. Besides this training by Bacak, he is... [...]

Blueprint for Full-time passive Profits #ad

Phillip McGough has just released Full-time Passive Profits, his guide to setting up your online business so that you can work just an hour or so per day (after an initial effort to set it up) to create a full-time income. McGough says he has seen this work in his own business, and he wants to show you how to make it work in yours. If you haven’t achieved the level of success you desire, especially, if you haven’t achieved much success at all, then McGough may have something for you. IM NewsWatch has reviewed this training in its Proving Ground section. You can get our whole analysis... [...]

Email Ninja Academy: Get the latest techniques for effective emails #ad

Email Ninja Plus is the newest module of Email Ninja series. It has been added to the prior Email Ninja 1 and Email Ninja 2 to form the Email Ninja Academy. As people’s response to email evolves ovr time, we always need to stay up to date, The Email Ninja Academy has been regularly updated to satisfy thousands of its customers. It has less than 3% total refund rate, which is quite remarkable in the IM niche. With Email Ninja plus, they (Anwesh Rath and Reed Floren) are adding what they call their “6-figure twist” to their training. They say you will discover how to: • Significantly... [...]

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