How you use email is critical for your online marketing success. If you don’t use the best email tactics, you business will suffer.

Do you send out email, only to have these results:
few opens?
few clicks?
few purchases?

If this sounds like you, consider Jason Mangrum‘s latest product, 5X Strategy.

When you do, you may discover::
► Better open rates than you’ve ever seen
► A higher ROI for paid traffic email campaigns
► A stronger bond of trust with your subscribers
► A 5X increase in your marketing results

As a result, you may find your life has improved:
■ Your bank account may grow
■ You may enjoy life more because you won’t need to spend as much time in front of your computer
■ You may enjoy marketing more because it’s no longer as frustrating

Here’s what this is all about. Many marketers are finding their email results are dropping. Maybe you are one of them.

Everyone seems to be having a harder time getting their emails in front of people. There’s so much spam clogging inboxes, for example, that genuine emails that readers want can get lost in the clutter.

As a result:
• Clicks are going down.
• Complaints are going up.
• Email providers are banning marketers with very large lists without warning.

We marketers are on the verge of a crisis. We need better ways to get our emails to the inbox, then opened and, at the end of the process, acted on.

If you want your emails to stand out among the crowd of emails in the inbox, use 5X Strategy.

You plan starts with using the best subject lines for you emails.

For example, can you believe that You Have 1 New Message is one of the highest converting email openers?

Give it a try.

There are several of these types of openers — you just have to be careful and not overuse them.

Mangrum created a swipe file of these types of high converting openers, complete with matching blind emails that get abundant clicks. He calls it Blind Copy Magic.

He is including it with your copy of 5X Strategy.

These email templates in “Blind Copy Magic” alone will improve your opens and clicks. Combine them with the rest of the training, and you can multiply your results.

The best way to use them is to set up tags and then use the automation strategy taught in 5X Strategy to place everyone who opens and clicks into an automated email campaign. Then you may find that previously non-responsive subscribers become active again.

Use the tested email subjects in “Blind Copy Magic” to get boost the opens from your list.

Then use the copy and paste email templates to boost the clicks on your links inside your emails.

Mangrum reports that combining his strategies like this will 5X your sales, because you will be getting the maximum number of subscribers opening and clicking your initial email and then being placed into a strategic email campaign that will sell your products.

Expert marketers have depended on Mangrum for years. He has written sales letters for them. Here are what some of his clients say about this latest training:

“It’s one of the best online marketing strategies I’ve ever seen.” -Mark Joyner

“It takes my stuff to the next level.” -Matt Bacak

“It might make your marketing at LEAST 5X better.” -Joel Comm

These are just a few of the testimonials Mangrum received about the power of 5X Strategy.

By the way, the next 1,000 fast action takers are getting 22 extra bonuses from Mangrum, with a grand total of $9,943 in value.

You can be one of them. Get your copy here: 5X Strategy.

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