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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Matt Bacak Instant Swipe File Refreshed, swipe file for sales #ad

Bacak calls Instant Swipe File Refreshed, “A MASSIVE collection of 5,603 profit-producing, click getting emails you can adapt, tweak and alter for your own email or even email followup sequences…” Bacak has been marketing online for about 20 years and has made a name for himself in the “teaching, mentoring and aiding other online marketers” niche (We just made up that name, but it’s the same niche IM NewsWatch is in, so you get the idea.) His primary tool in building his business is email. (we have mentiond his Secret Email System . It was so well-liked that... [...]

Last day for Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System sale #ad

The discout offer for Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System started in October, 2020. Over 15,000 copies have been sold. We bought our copy long ago. But today, at midnight, the sale finally ends. Bacak is an email marketer with long-standing success. We first met him in 2006, and he was already a famous marketer and a marketing trainer. He knows what he is doing, and for the next few hours, you can share in that knowledge for only $5.60. Remember, email marketing is the most productive marketing tool ever if you use it well. Bacak wants to be your mentor so you don’t waste time or money... [...]

[Today Only] How Matt Bacak Built a 7-Figure Online Business #ad

We first met Matt Bacak in 2006 when we first entered the online marketing industry. Even 14 years ago, Bacak was a successful internet marketer and was already teaching other marketers how to follow the same path to online success. He has used a number of marketing methods over the years, including platform speaking and webinars, but his first love, responsible for a lot of his sales, is email. Bacak has just released his book Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System, which shares how he created a 7-Figure online business using nothing but ethical email marketing. That may surprise you. After all,... [...]

Facebook Fortune Formula: Held over; don’t wait #ad

Matt Bacak released Facebook Fortune Formula a few days ago, intending to hold it open only a few days. But he is holding it over, giving you one last chance to take advantage of this fresh, powerful training. You have heard many trainers and teachers extol the value of Facebook in your business. Bacak is taking that principle and giving you action-oriented implementation guidance that will help you take advantage of the unique opportunities that Facebook presents. Bacak shows you: • How to set up tracking so you will know what is actually working for you • How to write ads and place them on... [...]

Optin Overdrive: Get more subscribers every day #ad

Matt Bacak and Eric Graham are online marketers, and, more than that, they are list builders. The have built multiple lists of thousands of subscribers. They are ready, now, to share their secrets to non-stop list building with you in Optin Overdrive They recorded a recent conversation they had about how to build mailing lists. They share what actually works for them. This training is the result of systematic testing. In fact, Graham reports that over 10,000 split-tests went into designing his list strategy and, ultimately, into this recording. As a result of all this testing, he has been able... [...]

How to get people to buy your product or service online #ad

Matt Bacak has just created a new training course, Buy Now – Hooks, Triggers and Buying Trances, to show you how to use sales psychology to improve your earnings. This training is actually a recorded conversation with Jo Han Mok, in which they discuss the psychology of online persuasion. In this conversation, Bacak and Mok shared ideas that most marketers don’t use and, as a result, limit their income. Use all these ideas and your online income will have a chance for upward escalation. Since this collection of persuasion tips comes from their own experience, you will find ideas you... [...]

Matt Bacak’s Secret Sauce: Copy his successful techniques #ad

Matt Bacak is no stranger to IM NewsWatch readers. Over the years we have run many stories about him. Besides being a very successful online marketer, he is a trainer and a product developer. He has just released a new training program he calls his Secret Sauce. It’s a 2+ hour video conversation with Lee Collins in which they explain some of the missing elements in most marketing campaigns that are actually critical for best results. In this conversation they work through strategies that, Bacak says, “work in any market from information marketing to Wall Street, and to the lucky few... [...]

17 Email Income Hacks: get your email marketing working again #ad

Matt Bacak does email marketing, a lot of it. He sends many millions of emails every year, up to a million per day. He has learned a lot about what works to get a higher response from marketing emails. Over a period of many years, he has honed his email process to bring in a big response every time he mails. Now, in his new training, 17 Email Income Hacks, he shares his insights based on his experimentation and split-testing. This training is delivered in video format, plus you receive the audio extracted from the video as well as a transcript in PDF form. Besides this training by Bacak, he is... [...]

Email Boosters: Using powerful words to write powerful emails #ad

Matt Bacak reports he usually earns over $500 per day from an email to writes a few minutes. He reports his finding that you have only 6 seconds to capture the readers attention long enough to get them to open and read your email. To get and hold attention, he uses what he calls “power words”. These are the words that the mind hears and subliminally creates desired emotion, actions, and reactions. In his Email Boosters, he is sharing 11,076 power Words and phrases that will instantly make you a better email writer. And, as a bonus, he is also including his other email training, Email... [...]

Reminder- Video Secrets Unleashed: why your videos aren’t working, how to fix #ad

If your videos aren’t bringing you enough sales, perhaps you need advice from an acknowledged expert like Mike Stewart. In Video Secrets Unleashed, Matt Bacak spends 2 hours grilling Stewart to find out what it takes to have a winning video strategy. There’s a lot of opportunity with video because the public loves good videos; the average person in the US, for example, spends 20 hours per month watching them. In Video Secrets Unleashed, you get the advantage of Stewart’s 15 years of making online podcasts and videos. This interview shares 32 tips, insights, strategies and tactics... [...]

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