Email Ninja Plus is the newest module of Email Ninja series. It has been added to the prior Email Ninja 1 and Email Ninja 2 to form the Email Ninja Academy. As people’s response to email evolves ovr time, we always need to stay up to date, The Email Ninja Academy has been regularly updated to satisfy thousands of its customers. It has less than 3% total refund rate, which is quite remarkable in the IM niche.

With Email Ninja plus, they (Anwesh Rath and Reed Floren) are adding what they call their “6-figure twist” to their training. They say you will discover how to:
• Significantly increase your profitability for the products you promote
• Achieve higher open rates for your emails and fewer unsubscribes
• Get current customers to recruit new leads for you
• And a lot more.

One of the most interesting parts of this training is the module where Rath reveals what email techniques failed completely. Just finding out what not to do is alone worth the small cost of this training. You will save time and money by staying away for thems failed techniques.

But that is far from all in this training You also get:
■ What email promotional techniques do work
■ How to promote multiple offers in the same day to the same list
■ Rath’s formula for creating the best converting email; it beats everything else he has tried.
■ How to retain subscribers on your list and keep them buying
■ Plus many other money-making techniques.

And they not only cover how to email your list; they also show you ways to build your list faster, cheaper and easier than ever before.

This is the result of years of experimentation and effort by Rath and Floren. Spend years, yourself, going through trial and error, or learn from their mistakes and their successes, and save time and money in the long run. It’s your choice.

Get your copy of this special training now while you still can, here: Email Ninja Academy.

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