You may have noticed that email isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Email is still the most effective marketing tool, but that is changing due to the glut of emails that people receive, daily. (We get about 500.)

As a result of that glut, it’s becoming harder for email marketers like you and us to achieve the same kind of response rate we used to get from sending out just one simple email.

There are multiple reasons for this decline. Deliverability is getting tougher with all the new regulations, and since more marketers are using email than ever before, open rates, clicks and sales have dropped dramatically.

Many average folks are getting discouraged by the steady barrage of emails they receive, and usually, they take one of two actions:
1) They mark your email as spam (hurting your sender score and threatening your deliverability) or
2) They ignore your emails, letting them pile up in their inbox. (Sometimes they just abandon the email address when their emails get overwhelming and start over with a new address.)

Fortunately, there is a solution that lets you:
► Increase the responsiveness of your list
► Increase your sender score
► Bring inactive subscribers back to life
► Increase your open rates
► Boost your click-through rate
► Make all your best offers go viral
► Eliminate subscriber complaints
► Promote multiple offers at once (safely)

These benefits all are found in a master strategy developed by my friend Jason Mangrum (we met him through his mom, who is also an online marketer and a friend of ours for many years.)

Mangrum came up with this new strategy when he almost got his email account shut down for promoting too many offers, sending too many emails and testing too many things at once to his 40,000 subscribers.

He’d been building this list since 2001 so it had been a big investment of time and money, and it would have crippled his business to lose this list.

He solved his problem. Fortunately for us, he kept good step-by-step notes because it worked quit well, giving him a 500% increase in results.

He is making his detailed strategy available in training he calls: 5X Strategy.

Even if you’re a beginner who has never sent a broadcast email, but you plan to build a list in the future and you want to do it correctly the first time, this is something to look into.

Mangrum says that his strategy will give you:
1. More email opens than you have have been getting
2. More clicks on your offers
3. Better sales numbers than you’ve had in years… (or, maybe, ever)

And he says that as you continue with this strategy, these key business success indicators will continue to grow.

If you follow the action steps inside 5X Strategy, you will be pleased with the results. He gives you his personal 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Learn the strategy now: 5X Strategy.

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