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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Blog Profits Unleashed: leverage free software for profitable blogs #ad

Neill Cook says “quick & easy to set up small niche websites can generate commissions” even with just a little traffic as long as you choose the niche carefully and build a site that converts visitors to buyers.In Blog Profits Unleashed, he shows you how to do it. Then, once you have the sites set up and earning commissions, he shows you how these sites can go on to high levels of traffic.With this new training, you can:• Discover the quick, easy way to create niche websites and optimize them• Find sources for products paying high commission• Do keyword research to great... [...]

Smart Web Formula: SEO for WordPress and beyond #ad

Derek Madden and Jon Shawcross have released Smart Web Formula , a step-by-step training guide to internet success.This simple video course is aimed at helping you grow your online income systematically, and help you stay away from shiny, distracting silver bullets.By applying the on-page and off-page SEO techniques in Smart Web Formula to a WordPress site, Madden and Shawcross say you will grow your income organically without any silver bullets.Although it could take 2-3 months for you to see impressive results, the process is simple. Anyone able to follow simple directions and who has some... [...]

WP Affiliate Ultimate Pro Plugin: Make more afiliate sales on your blog #ad

With WP Affiliate Ultimate Pro plugin, you can place affiliate links within your blog content, where they will be seen and clicked on. Google heat maps show people notice ads in the heart of your content more than they notice them in the right sidebar. This plugin makes it easy to put affiliate links on every page of your blog.Systematically add affiliate links, with sophisticated relevant anchor text. Then track the clicks on these links, with WP Affiliate Ultimate Pro.You can also cloak your links so they look nicer and so you hide the actual affiliate link. This leads to more clicks and more... [...]