With WP Affiliate Ultimate Pro plugin, you can place affiliate links within your blog content, where they will be seen and clicked on.

Google heat maps show people notice ads in the heart of your content more than they notice them in the right sidebar. This plugin makes it easy to put affiliate links on every page of your blog.

Systematically add affiliate links, with sophisticated relevant anchor text. Then track the clicks on these links, with WP Affiliate Ultimate Pro.

You can also cloak your links so they look nicer and so you hide the actual affiliate link. This leads to more clicks and more sales. And the links are automatically made into “no follow” so they don’t endanger your standing in Google.

You control the way the plugin works:
• The keywords and phrases it turns into links
• The place these links take the visitor to
• How many links are inserted into a single post
• Exact match or ignore capitalization when deciding to insert a link

WP Affiliate Ultimate Pro can instantly add 1,000’s of affiliate links to your blog without opening and editing one single post or touching one single line of code.

Pump up your affiliate income with this new plugin. Get it here: WP Affiliate Ultimate Pro

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