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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Chat Bot AI: add to any website for free traffic #ad

Chat Bot AI 3-day launch ends Saturday midnight. Not much time for the launch pricing, but it’s a simple concept so you won’t need much time. With this new tool, you can add an AI Bot to your site that works to bring in commissions. You do it by simply copy and pasting 1 line of AI code onto your site. This pulls in free traffic and converts leads into sales. Click here to see how it works: Chat Bot AI. With the rapid advancement of AI technologies, it’s almost a requirement that any online marketer be able to use AI tools. All your competitors are beginning to. You need to,... [...]

Tradermate: Affiliate Site Builder for Financial Niches #ad

If you are interested in entering the financial niches, such as stocks and bonds, etc., take a look at Tradermate, just released by Dan Green. This new software creates 100% automated affiliate sites for financial products that pay very high commissions, not $1, $2, or even $10, but commissions of hundreds of dollars. Yes, all of the offers your site will promote pay hundreds of dollars per conversion with some even paying over $2,300 PER conversion Tradermate is a new SaaS site builder that creates fully automated affiliate sites all about trading in just one click. Your affiliate site will benefit... [...]

WIZZARD: Simple affiliate system using Google traffic #ad

New software for affiliate marketers, called Wizzard, just launched, and is available at a discounted launch price now. It was developed by leading internet marketers, Venkata Ramana and Mark Bishop. They designed this all-in-one affiliate tool so that even beginners can use it with no history in marketing, no knowledge of marketing, and no technical expertise. It’s so easy, they say, that you can create a successful affiliate campaign in just 5 minutes. It finds existing videos that are legally licensed for public use, and then builds a campaign around them. (Not needing to create a video... [...]

List Genius: Fast, easy list building and monetization #ad

You know that building your mailing list is the key to a durable inline business. Selling a single product to a customer will not build a business for you. You need to build a relationship, not just sell a product.     List Genius, by Rob Ainge, solves this cluster of problems for you. It builds your list, builds relationships and all the while, it sells products. Here’s how it works: 1. You are getting a lead magnet, a product you can give away to build your list (and see #3 below). Offer it to anyone who subscribes to your list. 2. You are getting a complete collection of 6 months’... [...]

Snapishop: Online e-commerce and affiliate shops in a snap #ad

Getting started in e-commerce isn’t easy if you do it on your own, starting from scratch. You can get your store running much more quickly if you use software made for building your store and setting it up in your chosen niche. There have been many such solutions in the past; we have advertised them on IM NewsWatch through the years. But a new, sophisticated solution has just been announced that anyone wanting to sell online should consider. Introducing Snapishop, the all-purpose store online builder. The flexibility of this new software meets virtually any need for selling online: ► Build... [...]

More profits for affiliates with systematic approach #ad

If you are like us, you get email from many people. When there’s a major product launch, we usually get 40 or more emails from affiliates who want us to buy from their affiliate link, so they can earn the commission. Once, when we were having a conversation with Russell Brunson, he commented that he had found that many buyers chose the affiliate they bought through based on the bonuses they offered. That makes sense. When you part with your money, you want to make sure you get the best return on that investment. Looking at this from the affiliate’s point of view, it makes sense to offer... [...]

LinkSwiper: Is it better than Trustjacker? #ad

Give value to those who follow you and gain their trust, their respect and their appreciation. LinkSwiper will help you do that. Use it to share content from high-value sites with your followers and follow-up with a related affiliate link. You can find out more here: LinkSwiper  [...]

‘Affiliate Marketing Software’ – ‘Affiliate Tip’ Newsletter

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Shawn Collins has released the latest issue of ‘Affiliate Tip’ newsletter. The featured topic is titled “Affiliate Marketing Software”. [Affiliate Tip Newsletter] […]  [...]

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