Getting started in e-commerce isn’t easy if you do it on your own, starting from scratch. You can get your store running much more quickly if you use software made for building your store and setting it up in your chosen niche.

There have been many such solutions in the past; we have advertised them on IM NewsWatch through the years. But a new, sophisticated solution has just been announced that anyone wanting to sell online should consider.

Introducing Snapishop, the all-purpose store online builder. The flexibility of this new software meets virtually any need for selling online:

► Build e-Commerce stores where you can sell any physical items and automate the process with Snapishop.
► Provide consulting services: With Snapishop you can build and sell stores to other businesses.
► Affiliate marketing: Earn commissions on sites built by Snapishop by selling other people’s products found on Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo, or elsewhere.
► Product Development and marketing: Use Snapishop to launch your products with just a few clicks.

Compared with earlier solutions that were not as easy or as inexpensive, Snapishop offers you advantages that can make it one of the top contenders for your stores, such as:

• Hosting: You get to use their servers for free (saving you monthly hosting costs).
• Everything technical needed for setting up your affiliate stores the right way; no experience needed.
• Finding products, doing research and picking profitable niches are all automated for you.
• Optimizing, monetizing and building your store are all handled by the software with just a few clicks.

You can build as many stores as you like, for yourself or for your clients, and during the “grad opening celebration”, you get all this unlimited capability for a single low payment

Get the whole story and see a demonstration here: Snapishop.

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