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Friday, June 2, 2023

Archive for the 'Membership Sites' Category

Build a continuity website to build residual income #ad

Continuity Case Study shows how a marketing newbie was able to earn significant residual income beginning with no knowledge. This case study by Ben Gordon, explains how to research niches for new continuity sites, then write the marketing materials (while outsourcing the technical aspects) and create a sales funnel for additional income. This case study explains what Gordon did every step of the way. If you want to build a membership site that will provide an ongoing income, and you want a blueprint for doing it in short order, check out Gordon’s Continuity Case Study.  [...]

Get the secret for creating membership sites cheaply #ad

Scott Stamper says that with nothing more than a domain, you can create a profitable membership site in 24 hours and do it cheaply. He show how in Paysite Secrets Exposed. Stamper has been building membership sites since 1995 and his first site was so successful that it’s still running. He’s learned a few things over the years, and now he is sharing it with us. In Paysite Secrets Exposed Stamper show you things like: – How to set up credit card processing so your members can pay – How to build a loyal membership for residual profits – How to automate member password... [...]

How to Build a continuity website and quickly get paying clients #ad

Ben Gordon has created this Continuity Case Study to show that it is possible for a beginner in marketing to bring in real residual income from a standing start. In this study, you’ll discover how to research niches for continuity sites (a.k.a. membership sites), write the marketing materials, outsource the technical work, and create a sales funnel. This PDF explains what he did every step of the way. If you want t model to emulate in building a continuity site, check out Gordon’s Continuity Case Study here.  [...]

FastMember WordPress plugin builds membership sites with ease #ad

New FastMember WordPress Plugin builds sophisticated membership sites for you that: 1. Are up and running in minutes 2. Drip feed your content (ideal for monthly/weekly/daily training courses) 3. Include integrated affiliate management system 4. Support dimesales, coupons and discounts 5. Work with Clickbank, Paypal, AlertPay, Solid Trust pay, JVZoo and many other payment processors Your package includes training from membership site experts working in various niches Start small with a single site license or go all-out with a developer’s license. Find out more here.  [...]

Edmund Loh shows how to make real money from membership sites #ad

Loh’s new Membership Sales Machine (which he created with other well-known online marketer, Khai Ng) gives you real-world, practical techniques for managing a mambership site that doesn’t require you to spend day and night in front of your computer. Loh says he tried following guru advice about creating a membership site, and found a lot of their advice didn’t work. So he tried doing things the gurus don’t advise; even things that were directly opposite from what they advised. And the result was success he had never before found. He has now created three membership sites,... [...]

Membership Site Launch Formula shows how to build recurring income #ad

Membership sites are a key to steady, recurring income. Members pay month after month until they finally decide to leave. Nearly anyone, with the right training, is a candidate for developing a membership site. There are several styles to choose from, so you’re likely to find one to suit your personality and skills. Membership Site Launch Formula will show you how. It includes a downloadable printed guide, worksheet to track your work, checklist with step-by-step instructions and a Process Map. Covers:– How to set up your site,– How to produce content for your site– Tools... [...]

Successful Membership Sites Secrets to help you get running fast #ad

This training guide gives the whole overview of starting and running a membership site, and making it profitable, including: – The three types of membership sites you may want to build – Choosing a niche for your site – The Seven models of membership site operation – Creating content for your site – Monetizing your site -Getting the word out and attracting members This comes with PLR rights, and to help you sell, you also get Tweets and an autoresponder series. Plus images and banners to help you market, two versions of a sales page, too. And you get PSDs for all the... [...]

Now You can Drip Feed Content to Your Members #ad

The new Member Essentials plugin lets you precisely control what each of your members has access to. No longer do members have to march in lock step. Each member marches to his own drummer. Joe joins in January and gets month 1 content then, and gets a new month’s content each month as long as he stays. If Arnold doesn’t jon until April, he doesn’t get the same content Joe gets in April; he gets what Joe got in January. So Arnold doesn’t get free access to the prior three months of content. Member Essentials integrates with any membership site plugin you happen to be using.... [...]

Ben Gordon created a new Membership Site in two days and now shares the process #ad

Although Gordon was a beginner, he dug in and got the site up in two days and had $1456 monthly income in three days. In this new training he shows how to: * Research to find a niche to serve * Create a product to serve the niche in a day * Write sales copy that converts * Outsource the hard stuff * Create a sales funnel with good earnings per click This case study of his success reveals his whole strategy, step-by-step, for creating a six-figure continuity program. Learn more here.  [...]

New WordPress Plugin Drip Feeds Content To Your Members #ad

Drip feeding has advantages for the member and the operator of the membership site. The member gets a steady dose of new content, instead of getting overloaded with more information than can be absorbed. The operator gets the assurance that the members pay a fair amount for the information they receive. If they pay for one month, they receive one month, not a whole year’s worth. * This new WordPress Member Essentials drip feed plugin works with WP Multisite as well as with standard WordPress sites. * You control the rate at which content is revealed: daily, weekly or monthly * Works with... [...]