Six well-known internet marketers are setting up a product development and launch social group called The IM Elites. The goal is a steady flow of marketing product announcements. The group of partners as a whole promotes the products and then shares the rewards.

They plan to limit the size of the partnership group, but beginning today they are accepting applications.

Richard Newton, Mike Merz, Todd Gross, Bill McRea, Mick Moore, & Vincent Inter. They are looking for partners, and even guarantee every partner will make money from their work together.

They want this to be an “earn while you learn” community, so you don’t already have to be a proficient marketer to join. And they have multiple membership levels so you can fit your budgetary needs while you get started.

So if you ever wanted to partner with some of the best marketers out there, work side by side with them, rub shoulders with Internet Marketing elite and get a share of multiple large 6 figure product launches then you need to check this out here: The IM Elites

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