Over 4,200 people have joined Ryan Deiss’s Number One Book System, making it the largest mastermind of Kindle book publishers in the world, and the one most able to support your Kindle marketing activities.

Deiss has announced that he is closing new membership. If you are Kindle author or publisher, or if you want to be, this training, networking and support group can possibly be the difference between success and failure for you.

This group is for all Kindle authors and people who publish the work of others.

And here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Number One Book System:

Q. How do I format my Kindle books?
A. Number One Book System shows you three different ways inside the system (the first two use free open source software). After these lessons basic formatting can be done in 15 minutes or less.

Q. What are the traffic costs to promote my books?
A. You can launch your book with 100% free traffic but Deiss usually spends between $50-$300 a title (about the average first months’ sales during the launch) – after that Amazon’s marketing takes over… for free.

Q. Can I publish other people’s books if I don’t like to write?
A. That’s Deiss’s entire business model. Inside the training, you’ll learn 3 different methods for finding and contracting authors. It’s pretty simple and there are lots of authors looking for opportunities.

Q. Will your Kindle system work in other languages?
A. Yes, only Way better. There is practically no competition for languages other than English, even though only 27% of the world actually speaks English. For example, Deiss is looking for Spanish partners right now.

Deiss has created a short, interesting, video that explains this mastermind group in detail. This may be what you have been looking for. Watch his video here: Number One Book System

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