Your WordPress site can be transformed into a membership site, and that membership site can be embedded in Facebook with FB Member Press.

This membership site theme, by John Leonard, has a lot of features that make it a good home for a membership site:
FB Member Press works with all membership plugins Leonard tested, even free ones. So there Is no need to buy any new plugins.
• Use your own custom header so your site is tailored to the look you need.

• Customizable login form for your members
• Customizable sidebar and widget area for membership special features
• Supports tabs in the Facebook page

The theme creates your facebook membership site. Plus, it creates a Membership site for WordPress, as well. Use it on WordPress alone if you like.

If you don’t have a membership plugin, which is also needed, you can use a free one called s2 member, available here: S2 Membership Plugin.

If you want to build a membership site, check out what Leonard has built here: FB Member Press

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