Local business owners are generalists. They have to do everything at their business or hire someone rlse to do it. They don’t have time to be experts at copywriting, marketing strategy, and media selection. They probably know almost nothing about what it takes to do good marketing online.

That’s why they need a marketing expert like you to fill this valuable role in their company.

But you may have a problem. Your expertise is online marketing.
• How do you build a business selling to offline businesses, showing them they need you online skills?
• How do you create a professional relationship with customers in the offline world, so they respect you? and honor their contract and pay you?
• How do you find and nourish prospective customers?
• How so you build a marketing funnel, starting with a “foot in the door” service that is so good they will have a hard time refusing?

These skills are critical to building your marketing agency business with offline clients.

If you need guidance, Kevin Fahey has creted a collection of IM Checklists for Offline Marketing that will give you step-by-step instructions on setting up you marketing agncy and running it smoothly.

You may remember that since December, 2017, Fahey has been producing a collection of internet marketing checklists each month, each one covering a different topic in online marketing. IM Checklists for Offline Marketing is his 31st collection.

Each collection contains a large number of checklists (usually 18-30, depending on the complexity of the topic) to make sure you don’t overlook any important aspect needed to successfully practice this type of marketing.

IM Checklists for Offline Marketing has 30 checklists for setting up your marketing consultancy for offline businesses.

For example, Checklist 10 explains what he calls the “Donut Drop” approach to attract a prospect, a method that doesn’t involve cold calling, door knocking, or any of the usual “prospecting” tools you’ve heard of before.

If you are looking for the blueprint to get your local marketing agency set up properly and running smoothly, Fahey has your blueprint ready to go.

He is raising the price regularly during this launch period. At the end of the launch, the price will stabilize at the ultimate long-term cost. But you can get a discount here: IM Checklists for Offline Marketing.

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