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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Traffic Five: Methods you can use to build your list #ad

Kevin Fahey just released another info product and case study: Traffic Five. Fahey has been online 14 years and has done quite well; millions of dollars, he says, using these same traffic generation methods. These are five traffic methods you need to know about. His products have helped tens of thousands of marketers and business owners. We, too, have found his earlier products helpful, so we are always on the lookout for his new products. To quote Fahey: In a nutshell, five traffic methods which are proven to work and are the backbone of my 6 figure online business. Over $5,000,000 has been... [...]

Need an Easy Repetitive System for an online business? Ask Kevin Fahey #ad

Perhaps you have heard of Kevin Fahey. He has built two businesses that reached seven figures and a third that reached six figures. He shows you how he did it in Easy Repetitive System. Fahey reports that this system allows him to manage everything working just a few hours per week. This same system is responsible for a million in online sales. He is finally revealing everything inside Easy Repetitive System. Here’s what he says: There are so many systems out there and so many new launches, so what makes The Easy Repetitive System different? First off, the system is backed by 14 years of... [...]

Kevin Fahey: The Essential 8, his top 8 marketing products #ad

The Essential 8 Combo Package consists of 8 of Kevin Fahey‘s most recent and best selling information marketing products. Our training is loved by over 25,000 customers including many top marketers and industry leaders. You may have heard of Fahey. Over the past 14 years he has earned a reputation for creating high-quality information marketing products and training, which have reaped many accolades and awards. The Essential 8 will give you (whether you are new or experienced) the knowledge, the tools, and the resources you need so you can: • Scale your online business, • Earn more... [...]

Project Restart: Business plan to restart your online business #ad

Yesterday, we told you about the launch of Kevin Fahey‘s new training, Project Restart. As we write this, 167 smart marketers have picked this up, and because the price goes up after each sale, you will pay a little more today. Don’t worry; it’s still super cheap and completely under-priced for the value you get. What do you get? Five business plans Fahey has used to build successful businesses: • Create, develop, and sell software • Create, develop, and sell training products • Coach and consult with others to help them achieve their goals • Create licensing... [...]

Project Restart: What a marketing guru would do to start from scratch #ad

Project Restart was just released by Kevin Fahey. It is based on an interesting premise. Here’s how Fahey describes it: You take away my list, my connections, all my products and websites. I have to start from zero and make 5 figures the fastest way possible. This is something which always crossed my mind and something I know I could achieve. With the issues we are facing around the world, more people are turning to online marketing and this was proven 2 months ago when an old friend contacted me asking me for the best advice to build an online business from scratch. ​So out came the drawing... [...]

Email Marketing Power for all marketers (online and offline) #ad

Kevin Fahey just released one of his Premium PLR products: Email Marketing Power . After all these years, email is still the most productive electronic marketing tools. That’s why Fahey created Email Marketing Power to help you take your email marketing to a higher level. Even if you’re new to online marketing or even if you have crashed and burned before, Fahey says this could be the very training to put your business “on the map.” It is the result of countless years of testing and perfecting what works best in Email Marketing. In this training, Fahey shares with you the... [...]

Offline Marketing IM Checklists by Kevin Fahey, with PLR #ad

Local business owners are generalists. They have to do everything at their business or hire someone rlse to do it. They don’t have time to be experts at copywriting, marketing strategy, and media selection. They probably know almost nothing about what it takes to do good marketing online. That’s why they need a marketing expert like you to fill this valuable role in their company. But you may have a problem. Your expertise is online marketing. • How do you build a business selling to offline businesses, showing them they need you online skills? • How do you create a professional... [...]

How to get the most out of Google AdWords #ad

Some new marketers may not be aware of the power of Google AdWords, Google’s pay per click service for marketers. For many years, marketers have used AdWords to place ads in the Google search results and on websites that have signed up with Google to display these ads. Depending on a number of factors, these AdWords ads can be an effective source of leads and sales. Kevin Fahey has just released training on how to make effective use of the AdWords service. As with many of his training products, he released this in the form a group of checklists (IM Checklist 23 – Google AdWords) that... [...]

Lazy Affiliate Method by Kevin Fahey, Plug and Play #ad

Lazy Affiliate Method is a complete Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System. Fahey provides the templates, squeeze pages, thank you pages, email copy, the offers and everything any beginner or seasoned affiliate needs to start banking passive commission without doing difficult work. This new edition of proven software brings in sales on complete autopilot. Here’s how it works. Step 1 – Download and upload the Lazy Affiliate Method template to your website with a few clicks. Step 2 – Connect the list to your autoresponder. Step 3 – Import the 50-day follow up email series with one click. Step... [...]

Google Analytics: Scientific strategy for site improvement #ad

Google is willing to share its computing power and its knowledge of what is important to website traffic with any webmaster/ site owner who wants a better performing website for their business. And, of course, Google’s knowledge about the web beats yours and mine and your mentor’s put together. Google Analytics allows you to understand what type of content and marketing messages make your customers respond and become fans. You can use this type of information to come up with offers, products and services that your customers will gravitate toward. Do you want the power of Goggle’s... [...]