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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Luther Landro’s 20 minute workday on LinkedIn #ad

Luther Landro, online marketing trainer, reports he was able to earn $105,000 in a year on LinkedIn, working 20 Minutes a day, offering services to other LinkedIn members. As you may know, LinkedIn is popular with business owners, unlike Facebook, which caters to all kinds of people, including many (probably the majority) who are not in business. He contacts business owners, offers his services to improve their business results by sending them more leads and more customers. When they accept his offer, he outsources the work to Fiverr, for about $10 per job. Since every business in the world wants... [...]

Google News can put you on first page of Google Search #ad

It’s critical for your site to be on the first page of Google’s search results if you want to make reasonable sales. Very few people ever scroll to the second page of search results. Reaching the second page is not a whole lot better than reaching page 50. You really need to be on the first page to get sizable traffic to your site. But that’s easier said than done. But Luther Landro has found that you can raise your ranking and often get on the first page by cleverly taking advantage of Google News. He is sharing what he calls his “3-Step Method [that] Guarantees First Page... [...]

$100k Facebook Formula for 2016 #ad

As a marketing platform, Facebook started small, but as more and more members started actively (even, vigorously) investing their time on Facebook, marketers became interested. Today, it’s not only the site with the most members. It’s probably the site with the most marketers trying to earn a living on it. Most of these marketers are falling far short of their goals, though. That’s a shame because if you discover how to use Facebook well, your sales can be impressive. Luther Landro took note of that Facebook phenomenon and has found a strategy that, he reports, consistently brings... [...]

100k Facebook Formula for online marketing success #ad

Luther Landro is selling a marketing course that he describes as a “Copy & Paste Formula That Banks Over $2,500 Every Week From Facebook Without Spending A Penny On Ads.” That’s a big claim for this training ( he calls it his 100k Facebook Formula), but he backs it up with screen shots from Clickbank and Amazon earnings. Landro freely credits Katrina Mayors with discovering this selling process. He is just helping her make it available to other small marketers. The essence of Mayors’s selling process is to place interesting content into her Facebook fan pages, content... [...]

SEO Dragon breathes fire into your marketing #ad

Borrowing from the old saying, If Google ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. That is, if Google doesn’t like your site, you aren’t going to like your results. That’s a sad fact of online marketing life these days. No matter how much work you put into your site, without Google sending you traffic, your results may leave a lot to be desired. Luther Landro experienced this rejection by Google first hand, after a long period of Google. He analyzed his site to determine what could be the problem. He found it. It didn’t look major on the surface, but when he fixed it,... [...]

Ultimate WordPress Branding; foil the competition #ad

Luther Landro, no stranger to IM NewsWatch readers, has released his latest tool for online marketers: Ultimate WordPress Branding. This new software helps marketers and consultants who build sites for others. When you show a sample WordPress site to a potential client or when you actually build a site and turn it over to a client, if it is a plain WP site, they can easily buy services from the lowest bidder, from any WordPress webmaster. But if you have tweaked the site to make it better and make it unique to you, then if they want to take advantage of the work you have done, they will need to... [...]

Real Estate Lead Finder software for consultants #ad

Luther Landro specializes in helping offline businesses market their services better. He has had good success in working with real estate businesses to build their client list and benefit from the subsequent sales. One secret of his success is the Real Estate Lead Finder he created. This software finds motivated sellers so you can them with real estate agent. For this service, the agents pay you a nice fee. A home owner who tries to sell their home themselves often end up frustrated. An agent who contacts them may end up getting a new client. And that client may be worth thousands in commissions. So... [...]

How to build a Facebook presence for local clients #ad

Luther landro has helped a lot of local businesses to get online for better advertising and better profits. And he helps his fellow marketing consultants do the same. Over the last few years, he has made available both software and training that hat help marketing consultants land clients and deliver the services they offer. He has just announced Local Client Social Cash Magnet, to get you contracts to build a business’s Facebook presence. (He says he gets $2,000 per client for doing this work.) This is “paint by the numbers” training that walks you through every step to find... [...]