A lot of marketers have started using paid traffic instead of SEO. That’s because the usual SEO techniques are no longer paying off for them.

But advanced SEO tools, like Schema and Image Exif and others can give SEO the power it used to have. Today, Todd Spears and Herc Magnus are releasing new software, Project Supremacy, that can reinvigorate your SEO and push your site up in the rankings.

Project Supremacy uses the most advanced on-page SEO techniques to automatically cause your website to rise in Google’s search results.

Without proper on-page optimization, backlinks are of limited value. That’s why Spears and Magnus created this new software.

Project Supremacy will automatically do all of the high level on page schematics, in JSON-LD, so that Google will find your site attractive.

Since this is what Google wants websites to be doing, your site gains respect in Google’s eyes.

Project Supremacy will take even beginners, whether affiliate marketers, local marketers, Shopify marketers or any other spcialization, and will make them more successful at what they are already doing.

This will become your favorite plugin that you always install onto every new WordPress site you create.

And using this tool can help you make money, even if:
• You don’t sell anything (think CPA or affiliate marketing)
• You don’t have a product
• You don’t have a list
• You don’t have any connections
• You don’t have any experience.

The proof is in the pudding, so take a look at the demo video and get all the facts here: Project Supremacy.

By the way, the Grand Opening lasts only a week, and after that the price will rise. Get on this right away.

They are offering 3 licenses: Single Site, Unlimited Personal Sites and Agency (sometimes called “Developer License”). Get the cheapest that will meet your needs.

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