Borrowing from the old saying, If Google ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. That is, if Google doesn’t like your site, you aren’t going to like your results.

That’s a sad fact of online marketing life these days. No matter how much work you put into your site, without Google sending you traffic, your results may leave a lot to be desired.

Luther Landro experienced this rejection by Google first hand, after a long period of Google. He analyzed his site to determine what could be the problem.

He found it. It didn’t look major on the surface, but when he fixed it, his ratings went back up again.

Now, he is offering you a software app that does the analysis he found so helpful. He calls his app SEO Dragon.

Landro says that SEO Dragon can scan any website and instantly tell you exactly what to change in order to get to the first page of Google.

He has used this software on his own sites and on multiple client sites. When he does and when he makes the corrections the software indicates, he often sees Google responding with higher rankings, and as a result of that, traffic often doubles.

In fact, he says, on average, sites that implement the changes have been doubling their traffic in about 3 weeks time.

We don’t know any site that wouldn’t benefit from twice the traffic.

If you are a marketing consultant for local businesses, you can send local business owners a free report about their website’s problems. You can generate one in 30 seconds with SEO Dragon. Your contact information is added to the report automatically. What a way to bring in new clients!

Landro is making this software available for all of us to use. Get your copy here: SEO Dragon.

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