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Friday, July 10, 2020

SEO for Website Redesign and Migration [Guide]

InvestisDigital has published a new guide entitled ‘SEO for Website Redesign and Migration’ to help you deal with the SEO process during website redesign and migration.Download this guide to learn the following:How to avoid costly errorsHow to gain more traffic and conversionsHow to use keyword research to inform your website redesignHow to structure your migration workflowSEO best practices to sustain organic traffic, post-launchCommon obstacles to avoid.SEO for Website Redesign and MigrationInvestisDigital  [...]

How to Make Most from Your Header Tags

Header tags help you to separate headings and subheadings on a webpage. These tags are useful in improving the readability of your web page for the SEO purpose. HubSpot contributor Kayla Carmicheal has shared an article on how to use header tags in blogging. Carmicheal says, “Header tags and SEO have more in common than it may seem at first glance. Not only are they used to differentiate important pieces of content, but they hold weight with keyword relevancy and readability.Google favors headers. When it scans your post, it places header tags as high-priority. Ultimately,... [...]

Spectator to Partner: Turn Your Clients into SEO Allies [Video]

The MOZ team has published ‘Spectator to Partner: Turn Your Clients into SEO Allies’ video featuring Kameron Jenkins in the ‘Best of Whiteboard Friday’ series.MOZ team says, “Are your clients your allies in SEO, or are they passive spectators? Could they even be inadvertently working against you? A better understanding of expectations, goals, and strategy by everyone involved can improve your client relations, provide extra clarity, and reduce the number of times you’re asked to “just SEO a site.” In today’s Whiteboard Friday,... [...]

Four Tips to Writing Title Tags for Improved SEO

A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of your web page. Title tags appear on search engine result pages in response to search queries. Tags also appear in social media posts and browser tabs.According to Moz “title tags are the second most important on-page factor for SEO, after content”.Title tags help your visitors to know what information will be present when they visit your web page. Seer Interactive’s Zaine Clark has shared four tips to write title tags to get better SEO performance. Clark says, “Title tags are important for various reasons. Title tags... [...]

The Elements of SEO — Exploring The 2019 Periodic Table of SEO Factors – On Demand Webinar

Search Engine Land team has made available an on demand webinar ‘The Elements of SEO — Exploring The 2019 Periodic Table of SEO Factors’ to help you understand the usefulness of certain elements to build a modern SEO strategy. SEL team says, “While much of the foundation of search engine optimization has either stayed the same or has become further entrenched, much has also changed as the web has become more mobile, instantly accessible and aligned to new Internet-connected devices. So, this year, Search Engine Land gave it’s banner infographic its biggest overhaul... [...]

Guide to create effective SEO strategies for your business

Search optimization is at the core of your business growth. Whether yours is a local business or a globally widespread one, you need to depend on the search engines for getting constant flow of new customers. To help you create strong SEO strategies that can help thrive your business, State of Digital contributor Helen Pollitt has shared some useful tips. Pollitt says, “In modern SEO we must look beyond only optimising content, earning relevant backlinks and ensuring our sites are crawlable.  Before we dive into our SEO campaign we should consider some of the other elements which may not... [...]

Improve your search performance with these SEO strategies

The main aim of working on the search engine optimization is to get more traffic to your website from diverse sources and to get repetitive visitors. SEO plays a crucial role in boosting your online business.  Searchmetrics contributor Bert Winterfeld has shared nine SEO strategies that will help you to transform your business.Winterfeld says, “The SEO challenges facing eCommerce sites are huge – products and topics are often similar across in different shops, and the competition is fierce. SEOs working for online retailers have to work out the best strategy regarding which Top-Level... [...]

Thinking about your blog from an SEO perspective [podcast]

Blogging helps you to stay connected with your customers by sharing your knowledge in the area you specialize. It also helps you to strengthen your search engine marketing when you publish regularly.Rank Ranger team has published a new In-Search SEO podcast ‘Thinking about your blog from an SEO perspective’ featuring Matthew Woodward. Rank Ranger team says, “Get ready and get set as Matthew Woodward joins us as we get into your blog’s performance.How to decide on your blog’s identity & purpose (and find your niche)!Being active & out there in order to find the... [...]

Mobile-first Indexing is Compulsory for All Domains [Report]

The TechCrunch contributor Sarah Perez has reported that Google has made it default for all domains to follow mobile-first indexing. This update will affect all the websites that were not coping with the mobile formats as required by Google.Perez says, “The mobile-first indexing initiative has come a long way since Google first announced its plans back in 2016. In December 2017, Google began to roll out mobile-first indexing to a small handful of sites, but didn’t specify which ones were in this early test group. Last March, mobile-indexing began to roll out on... [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Link Building in 2019

Quality links help you to score better in the search engines. The link building practices that worked a few years ago are outdated today and they may even harm your reputation. To aware the marketers about the state of link building, the Search Engine Journal contributor Roger Monti has published an article on state of links and ranking in 2019.Monti says, “The takeaway for link building, in my opinion, should be to focus on proving trustworthiness and making sure the machine understands what niche our web pages fit into. The way to communicate trustworthiness is to be scrupulous about... [...]