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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Archive for the 'Google Algorithm Changes' Category

Here’s What You Should Know about Google December 2020 Core Algorithm Update

IMPACT’s Justine Timoteo Thomas has published a detailed article highlighting the Google December 2020 core algorithm update and its effects. She says, “While experts have started to identify patterns, it still is never confirmed exactly what the algorithm update impacted. Below are the three main trends or patterns that we’ve been seeing so far: 1. Changes in how alternative medicine topics are assessed Previously, Google’s E-A-T Search Quality Guideline heavily impacted the performance of alternative medicine content. E-A-T stands for “expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.”... [...]

How To Optimize For The Page Experience Algorithm [Video]

Google continues to update its algorithm for providing a better search experience to its users. By keeping an eye on the latest search algorithm changes, you can continue to gain more visitors to your site. Neil Patel has published a new video ‘How To Optimize For The Page Experience Algorithm’ to help you make the most from your SEO efforts. He says, “You’ve heard about the Google page experience algorithm, but how do you optimize it? Because Google doesn’t really reveal that much information about the algorithm updates. And if you want to rank at the top you have... [...]

Growing a site after an algorithm update [Video]

Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz has published a new YouTube video on ‘Growing a site after an algorithm update’ featuring Michael Lewittes. Schwartz  says, “It was a two-part interview, the first part was mostly about his history in the entertainment space and why he started his own site, even though he was super successful working Access Hollywood, US Weekly, NY Post, NY Daily News and other media networks. We mostly focused on how he first learned about SEO, the early Panda update and how he reshaped Gossip Cop to excel through these updates by focusing on E-A-T before... [...]

SEL on Eight Major Google Algorithm Updates

Search Engine Land has published a comprehensive article explaining the major eight Google algorithm updates. The SEL team says, “In this post, we will be counting down eight of the most critical search algorithm changes. We will look into why these updates were introduced, how they work and what adjustments we had to make to our SEO strategies in response. But before we start, let’s see if you’ve ever been impacted by an algorithm update. All you need to do is launch Rank Tracker, sync it with your Google Analytics account and switch to Organic Traffic. Just hover your mouse over... [...]

A Complete Guide to the Google RankBrain Algorithm [Guide]

Search Engine Journal’s Dave Davies has published ‘A Complete Guide to the Google RankBrain Algorithm’ to help you understand Google’s RankBrain Algorithm to improve your SEO rankings. Davies says, “RankBrain is a system by which Google can better understand the likely user intent of a search query. It was rolled out in the spring of 2015, but not announced until October 26 of that year. At inception, RankBrain was applied to queries that Google had not previously encountered which accounted then and still does, for about 15% of all searches. It was expanded from... [...]

Google’s ‘Page Experience’ Ranking Factor – Things You Need to Know

Searchmetrics’ Jan Grundmann has published an in-depth article providing details on how you should prepare for Google’s new ranking factor – page experience. He says, “According to an announcement on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, from 2021, page experience is to be incorporated as a new, aggregated ranking signal in the Google algorithm for ranking search results. Recognizing the difficulties many site owners are now facing from the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Google will be announcing rollout of the new update at least six months ahead of launch. This should... [...]

Are Google’s Core Updates Working? [Podcast]

Google continues to improve its search engine algorithm with a view to provide better search experience to its users. Rank Ranger has published a new podcast episode ‘Are Google’s Core Updates Working?’ featuring Lily Ray of Path Interactive. Mordy Oberstein says, “This week, we’re going to get a little more practical. We talk a lot about creating an authoritative content profile in an overall sense, but today we’re going to walk through how to set up a specific piece of content to be authoritative. As SEOs, when we talk about E-A-T and creating authoritative content,... [...]

Chasing Google’s Algorithm & SERP Feature Trends [Podcast]

Rank Ranger has published a new episode of The In Search podcast ‘Chasing Google’s Algorithm & SERP Feature Trends’ featuring Dr. Pete Meyers of MOZ. Listen to this podcast and learn: Why analyzing Google’s algorithm updates are even more complex than many think Why SERP feature trends play an important role in SEO How to understand Google by looking at what’s changing on the SERP and in the algorithm . Listen to the podcast. The In Search SEO Podcast · In Search SEO 79: Tracking Google’s Algorithm Updates & SERP Feature Changes Rank Ranger  [...]

Seer Interactive Shares Post-Google Algorithm Update Action Plan

Every Google search update aims at offering a better search experience to its users. And it brings newer challenges to optimize your content for the SERPs. Seer Interactive contributor Emily Goss has published an article highlighting a post-Google algorithm update action plan. Goss says, “Whenever there’s an update of any capacity, it’s important to have a plan of action. It’s imperative that you understand the steps to diagnose whether or not your site has been affected, and come up with a strategy to either mitigate losses or capitalize on gains. Here’s a simple 3-step process... [...]

Analyzing Google’s May 2020 Core Update

Google continues to update its search engine algorithm to provide a better search experience to its users. Google’s May 2020 Core Update came into effect last month which has brought rank volatility to the SERP. Rank Ranger‘s Mordy Oberstein has published an analysis of Google’s May 2020 Core update. Oberstein says, “As part of our analysis of Google’s second core update of 2020, I did a bit of a deep-dive into some of the sites impacted by it. While there are any number of things Google is looking for during an update, one thing I did see pointed towards the search... [...]

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