If you want your site’s visitors from Dallas to see the Dallas Cowboys name in your banner while People from Miami see the Dolphins and people in New York see the Jets, check out WP Bullseye Pro.

Now you can add location customization to any of your banners. This has a subtle influence on visitor behavior. They see you as more attuned to their specific needs and respond more favorably. This new plugin will add custom text to a banner based on location, at the city level, the state level or the country level.

This plugin connects to available commercial services that offer IP-based location detection. IPinfoDB and MaxMind are supported; use whichever you prefer. These services charge a modest monthly fee or are free,) You can set up the plugin to insert custom text into each banner based on the location data provided.

This WordPress plugin makes your advertising relevant to your visitors. They see their hone town when they see your banner.

You can use this for your own site, or even offer a service to local clients that might want, for example, to offer a discount to people living near their new store. The plugin comes with a license for a single site, but there’s an upgrade to a developer’s license.

There are lots of ways to use this location data; use your imagination and you may find uses no one else ever thought of.

When you install WP Bullseye Pro on your WordPress site, you can also connect it to your Facebook page and use it there using iFrames.

Of course you receive complete training on installing and using this new plugin.

There’s a lot more information here so you can get the whole story: WP Bullseye Pro

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