Most offline businesses want quick results from their online marketing initiatives. One of the best ways to help them get these quick results is with mobile services.

Combine this insight with the fact that 75% of shoppers like to use coupons that give them a discount. With GEO Coupon Commander, you can offer businesses the capability to create mobile coupons sent straight to the cell phones of their customers.

This new software lets you:
• Easily create HTML5 Mobile Coupons, Squeeze Pages, and Landing Pages
• Advertise all over town with one link, even though you have multiple clients with coupons. A person’s phone gets the page for the merchant they’re closest to.
• Schedule Campaigns by Day, Date, Time, ( for example, show deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Monday and Tues only)
• Split Test unlimited pages/coupons. (And the intuitive User Interface makes it easy)
• Give incentives for Viral Sharing: (e.g., get 10% off or tell two buddies and get 50% off)
• Take full advantage of its powerful marketing tools, scarcity widget, deals remaining widget: (‘Only xx out of xxx left”, “offer ends mmddyy @ hh:mm:ss”)
• Show dynamic Google Maps for one touch directions
• Use its built-in Video Player (mobile compatible videos are all the rage!)

• Track coupon redemption (upc coupons are doable too)
• Give your clients complete analytics (including report customization)
• Improve their coupon appearance with Google Web Font-Headline Maker (no need for graphical headlines)
• Provide FaceBook, Twitter, Aweber, Constant Contact, I Contact, Mailchimp and SMS integration to your clients

This coupon creator comes in various versions, from a single-site to a developer’s license for use on as many sites as you want. Get the whole story here: GEO Coupon Commander

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