There are many way to get traffic to your eCommerce site (for example, your Shopify store). Most people choose to use paid ads on platforms such as Facebook.

Wouldn’t it be a big help, especially when you are starting up, to get free traffic to your store? Your start-up costs could drop dramatically.

If you see value in free traffic for your eCommerce sites, but you don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars in advertising, you may want to look into Freecom Blueprint 2.0, new eCommerce strategy by Tom Yevsikov.

Yevsikov made a lot of mistakes in his own eCommerce before finding a path to a profitable site.

Now, he shows you the exact method, strategy, tricks that work for him to bring in high quality traffic (i.e., traffic that is wanting to buy from you) that is, at the same time, free.

In Freecom Blueprint 2.0, you will discover:
• How to set up your store (in a lot of detail, from A to Z)
• How to get cheap products from trusted Aliexpress vendors
• How to setup the recommended store APPs
• How to setup Lifetime Free Chat App
• How to setup Shipping Prices without any APP
• How to use Ali Importer Plugin
• How to get your product ready to sell with Free Traffic
• How to supplement your free traffic with low-cost paid traffic
• How to get targeted traffic from Polyvore

And that’s not all. Besides the training, you also get Freecom Blueprint Software that will:
■ Find hundreds of Shopify stores in your niche with a click
■ Find the best selling products from Shopify stores
■ Find the vendors who can fulfill them quickly.

All of this is waiting for you here: Freecom Blueprint 2.0

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