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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Drop-shipping gets you into eCommerce without inventory worries #ad

The easy way to get started in eCommerce is with drop-shipping. With drop-shipping you avoid the hassles of shipping products and handling return. A manufacturer or wholesaler handles the mechanics of fulfilling a sale. You just: 1. advertise the product, 2. accept orders (and collect the money) and 3. tell your drop-shipper where to ship the product and pay them for the product. If you want a store selling physical goods, this is the way to get started right away. You just pick a niche, find products that appeal to people who are interested in that niche, and place ads for the products on your... [...]

UPS does it again: raises fees via a higher fuel surcharge

They have raised fees several times in last 2-3 months, and effective today, they just did it again, with no advance warning. Of course, fuel prices have dropped 40% since last summer, but UPS wants its customers to pay more for the fuel it uses, anyway. This apparently in response to an announcement by Fedex in early January that it would increase its own fuel surcharge effective today. This Fedex move apparently gave UPS the cover it needed to feel safe in raising its own fuel surcharge. If you are selling physical goods, either directly or through a drop-shipping company, your business will... [...]

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