The easy way to get started in eCommerce is with drop-shipping. With drop-shipping you avoid the hassles of shipping products and handling return. A manufacturer or wholesaler handles the mechanics of fulfilling a sale. You just:
1. advertise the product,
2. accept orders (and collect the money) and
3. tell your drop-shipper where to ship the product and pay them for the product.

If you want a store selling physical goods, this is the way to get started right away.

You just pick a niche, find products that appeal to people who are interested in that niche, and place ads for the products on your website, and manage the orders and any requests for refunds, as they come in.

Do I hear you asking, with an incredulous sneer, “Is that all? That’s more than enough, too much for me to do, in fact.”

Well, that’s why Devid Farah created the new software, Dropshiply. It is designed to smooth your way in drop-shipping.

This new drop-shipping tool offers you these business functions to make taking are of your store so much easier than doing everything manually:
► Connects to any Shopify stores you have or build for using this new tool
► Lets you see all the sales data from all of your stores and work with it to produce reports
► Shows you all the Google SEO data for your stores
► If you don’t have a store, you need a domain name for each new store. Dropshiply has a built-in domain name finder.
► Niche Intelligence Tool shows you which niches will support profitable stores
► Ali Express Spy Tool will show you products in your niche that are available for drop-shipping, but are hidden by red tape and obscure text
► eBay Spy: This powerful tool locates top eBay products so you can get product ideas from top competition
► Walmart Product Finder finds products you can sell on your store right away
► Alexa Site Spy tool lets you discover traffic stats and global rankings your competitors’ websites
► FB Ads Explorer searches out profitable high-interest keywords
► 1-Click Product Importer tool will add products to your site, once you have decided which to promote.
► There’s a built-in editor that lets you customize product descriptions, title, price, tags, category, images, etc.

That’s a (what?, 90%?) reduction in your workload keeping your site running.

To make using Dropshiply even easier, we have found bonuses that will help you with your e-Store.

IM NewsWatch Bonuses for Dropshiply

1. 1 Million Niche Product ideas for products you may sell on Dropshiply

This list of over 1 Million search terms consumers are using in various profitable niches will make it simple to populate your stores with worthwhile products. They have been painstakingly researched from 360+ major niche markets to help you pull in the biggest profits.

2. eCom Sniper Training accelerates Dropshiply success

The Secret “Copy, Paste & Click” eCommerce system that made Over $221,323.47 in profits in 3 Months. In this detailed training, you will discover the strategies, tactics, tricks, and tools you need to do well on Shopify.

3. Turbo eCom Builder

This site builder is designed to create an affiliate site full of Amazon products in a Prestashop store — you pick the niche — so you can earn eCommerce commissions from Amazon. This can supplement your drop-shipping earnings; Amazon ships these products for you.

4. 400+ Shopify Niches Suitable for a Dropshiply Store

You are getting a complete guide to 400+ top niches, including global monthly search stats for each. Don’t waste time in doing your own niche research.

This new drop-shipping automation software has been enhanced since we last mentioned it 2 months ago. Get your own access plus all our bonuses here: Dropshiply.

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