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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Digital Marketing ROI' Category

Three ways to help you prove marketing ROI

Getting the right ROI (return on investment) is necessary to survive in the business and you need to prove the claimed ROI to the people you work with. Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has shared three ways that can help marketers prove their marketing’s ROI. Rajeck says, “Proving marketing ROI to CFOs is tricky, but fortunately there are ways chief marketers (and people trying to make chief marketers happy) can prepare for it. 1) Review IPA case studies The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising holds annual Effectiveness Awardswhich require contestants to submit detailed campaign... [...]

How to calculate digital marketing ROI

Econsultancy columnist Ben Davis has shared seven questions that brands and marketers should answer for calculating the digital marketing ROI. Davis has answered the following seven questions. 1. What is the business case for calculating ROI? 2. What is your frequency of measurement? 3. What is your sales baseline? 4. What are your business goals and KPIs? 5. How will data be collected? 6. Can you ensure data integrity? 7. What macro and micro methodologies will you use? Calculating digital marketing ROI: Seven questions to ask before you start Econsultancy  [...]

Find out which marketing channel is right for you.

In the web 2.0 era, the marketers are using multiple platforms to generate more sales online. This gives them an opportunity to reach out more number of people. If you are also using multiple channels, Entrepreneur contributor George Deeb has shared some tips to help you find out which channels are working well for you. Deeb says, “Determining who gets the most credit for a sale is the big debate. Should the first touch point get the most credit, since the transaction most likely started there? Or should the last touch point get the most credit, as that is where the customer actually pulled... [...]

This Econsultancy posts explains how you can prove digital marketing ROI

Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has shared five strategies to help marketers prove their digital marketing ROI. Rajeck says, “The transition from traditional to digital marketing has proved to be a mixed blessing for marketers. From one angle, digital has been great for marketers. The digital metrics we get from digital platforms help us optimize our campaigns and improve outcomes to a great extent. From another, though, having digital metrics has made our jobs more difficult. Because we have detailed performance metrics, the business now feels that we should be able to calculate, accurately,... [...]

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