Getting the right ROI (return on investment) is necessary to survive in the business and you need to prove the claimed ROI to the people you work with.

Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has shared three ways that can help marketers prove their marketing’s ROI.

Rajeck says, “Proving marketing ROI to CFOs is tricky, but fortunately there are ways chief marketers (and people trying to make chief marketers happy) can prepare for it.

1) Review IPA case studies

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising holds annual Effectiveness Awardswhich require contestants to submit detailed campaign and business results to qualify.  While few, if any, will match your marketing strategies, the cases are presented in a logical, business leader friendly style and provide a great template for a marketing ROI argument. The Economist’s Raising Eyebrows and Subscriptions is particularly good.

2) Get familiar with Binet and Field’s landmark reports

Chief marketers should download Binet and Field’s reports, The Long and the Short of It and Media in Focus “.

Can marketers ‘prove’ ROI? It depends on who’s asking

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