Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has shared five strategies to help marketers prove their digital marketing ROI.

Rajeck says, “The transition from traditional to digital marketing has proved to be a mixed blessing for marketers.

From one angle, digital has been great for marketers. The digital metrics we get from digital platforms help us optimize our campaigns and improve outcomes to a great extent.

From another, though, having digital metrics has made our jobs more difficult. Because we have detailed performance metrics, the business now feels that we should be able to calculate, accurately, the return of their investment in marketing. We should be able to prove digital marketing ROI.

At first, proving digital marketing ROI looks relatively simple. The ROI equation (below) has only two variables (‘investment’ and ‘return’) and so it seems that all we need to do is plug in these values and we’re done”.

The five things marketers must do to prove digital marketing ROI


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