Effective customer service is very important for your business because it works as a key to retaining the customers extract more value from them. Poor customer service can harm your company.

Convince & Convert’s Anthony Helmstetter has shared an article highlighting common service mistakes you should avoid in your business.

Helmstetter says, “The most disappointing, disheartening customer experience is when a company declines to acknowledge you initiated contact. Whether it was a phone call to customer service that rings indefinitely and is never answered, an email that is not replied to, a chat session that remains stupidly idle, regardless of the communications channel, no reply at all is the worst action (or inaction) a company can provide.

And yet, it still happens today.

Granted, larger companies are far better equipped to avoid this scenario, and most do a good job. Yet smaller companies without adequate infrastructure, technology, staff, or prioritization can and do let far too many communications go unanswered”.

This Is the Worst Customer Service Mistake You Can Make

Convince& Convert

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