Providing an effective and satisfactory consumer experience (CS) has become the agenda of all the brands and marketers since it is the way that leads us to success.

Forrester columnist Kate Leggett has shared three customer service trends that marketers should know.

Leggett says, “Great customer service is not just about cutting costs or making operations more efficient. Instead, it’s a systematic reinvention of established technology, data, and operations — leveraging automation, data, and agents together to exploit each of their unique strengths.

This year, I see 3 broad trends that organizations must consider as they fundamentally transform their operation:

  1. Customers demand fast service anywhere, anytime. Today, customers have more choice: more products to buy, more information to influence purchasing decisions, and more devices and channels over which to seek customer service. What they don’t have is more time. It’s no wonder that self-service interactions have overtaken all other channels for the third year running. We predict that companies will explore chatbots and voice user interfaces to enhance the self-service experience, as well as investigate visual engagement technologies to cut through the conversational clutter and preserve a customer’s time”.

Top Customer Service Trends For 2018

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