The chatbots have proved to be immensely useful to the brands as they have been able to stay in constant touch with their customers online. With advanced programming initiatives these bots are able to deliver the quality customer service to the customers in an effective manner.

ReadWrite contributor Akansha De has shared four ways the chatbots are putting their mark in the customer service domain.

De says, “The wonder of the chatbots allow us to remove expensive, cranky humans from customer interaction platforms and substitute them with perpetually enthusiastic robot friends. These friends want the best for us (and their company) and will work diligently without ever asking for a pay raise or day off.

How Chatbots are Helping Businesses

Many start-ups and savvy companies are in a quest to cut operational costs. They are now incorporating interactive agents into their daily operations, communication with customers and sales processes.

The ways that chatbots help businesses include:

  • Improve customer service
    This option is especially good for those companies that don’t want their customers to take too long searching for information on their FAQs section by scrolling dozens of pages.
  • Automate online purchases
    Chatbots remember your purchasing history and preferences and will automatically provide you with suggestions, or even send your preferred payment method to the sales department without you having to repeat that information again”.

A Look at the Future of Chatbots in Customer Service

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