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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Archive for the 'Website Development and Testing' Category

New Video Review Mini Site generator builds profitable sites in moments #ad

Video Reviews of hot products can become a cash cow for a clever marketer. And now, you don’t even have to be very clever, because Video Review Mini Site is clever enough for both of you. Video Review Mini Site Generator isn’t just a template; it’s a mini site generator that you can setup in about 2 minutes. It generates a landing page for a video review, where you have the product review on the left, and the product image on the right. People can then watch the review of the product, and if they like it, they can click on the product link and buy it When they do, you get paid. This... [...]

“Banner Chameleon” allows split-testing banners on WordPress #ad

For best marketing results you need to test to discover what works. With Banner Chameleon you define groups of banners that you want to test. For example, three ads for the same product. Then tell Banner Chameleon to rotate these ads. It tracks the clicks for each version so you can choose the one that converts best. The information it provides can dramatically improve your results by quickly determining which ad you should use, saving you time and earning you money. Go here to learn all about Banner Chameleon  [...]

“Home Website Builder” builds productive affiliate sites in just a few minutes #ad

You know affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started online, but actually building that affiliate site may be a daunting task for you- it is for a lot of people. removes this barrier to your success. It lets you build and maintain your website with just a few clicks of a button and your new website can be online in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t require you to have any technical skills; the technology of Home Website Builder is all “under the covers”; the user doesn’t have to know anything about it. The user can point and click to select a site design, then... [...]

Get “Easy Social Cash Suite” – How to build $100/ month auto-pilot websites #ad

Rodrigo Werner says he has found the way to build websites that will attract buyers who want the site for the traffic it produces. He calls these “Pinsites” because their traffic comes from Pinterest. With the traffic he gets, local businesses find these sites good advertising opportunities and are willing to pay well for the privilege. Werner shows in his training videos how he sets up one of these Pinsites, step-by-step. Then, in a second video and written guide, he shows you how to scale up, to bring up more traffic from more Pinsites. And he includes a custom WordPress Theme, custom... [...]

How to build a website in less than an hour and sell it at a profit #ad

Build websites for businesses shows you a business process that allows you to build a site using the provided software and instructions, that help local business attract clients. These local businesses need someone like you who “knows” this techie stuff (or at least can follow the instructions) to get them on the web. In this package, you get: – A guide book and video instructions so you can see it done and just follow the process you see – Four ready-to-use website themes; once you understand the process, you can add others as you need to – Customizable graphics so... [...]

How you can get traffic, backlinks, pagerank all at no cost #ad

Jeff Alderson has just released Expired Domain Ninja to show how to benefit from the past reputation of expired domains. The backlinks to the domains can bring you traffic. Possibly you can keep the page rank, although that is harder. In any event, buying an expired domain can cut months or years off the time for you get become successful. There are lots of reasons a successful site may expire. Carelessness, loss of interest, creeping old age and more may cause a webmaster to not renew. If you know what to look for, you can find undiscovered gems among these expired domains. With Expired Domain... [...]

New Website Monitoring & Rank Checker Tool tracks site upward mobility in rankings #ad

You have to run tests and track the results if your site is to improve. Without testing and tracking, you’re just shoorting in the dark. With Simple SEO Rank Checker you can test and track any nummer of sites. You can specify the keywords of interest for each site, or let the program import keywords itself, using its web crawler. You can manually run checks or use the built-in scheduler to run the checks on a schedule of your choosing. If you are a marketing consultant, you will find the professional PDF charts Simple SEO Rank Checker creates ideal for sharing progress with your clients. Gather... [...]