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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Archive for the 'Website Development and Testing' Category

SERP Shaker Bundle: One-day Discount on all products #ad

Last Summer, Donald VanFossen released software (a WordPress plug-in) that shook up the SEO process. It improves your standing on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). He called it: SERP Shaker. It lets you avoid the tedious, long hours building a single site, hoping it will start ranking sometime down the road. Build multiple sites in the time it used to take to build one. You can build sites in multiple niches. When you find a niche that is generating the results you want, you home in on that niche and build multiple sites in the niche, related niches and sub-niches that complement each other.... [...]

Niche Site Revolution builds authority (Price rises tonight) #ad

Shane Paxton struggled for 5 long years to get his marketing business into the black and supporting his family. As he looked at his situation and the scant success he had, he realized that the difference between his site and his top competitors was the level of authority. Sites the search engines (chiefly, Google) consider “authority sites” in the niche are far more profitable than “me too” sites. So Paxton set out to find a practical way to build the authority for his site. As Paxton says, “Authority websites are a different breed of websites that Google LOVES…... [...]

A directory site may be your ticket to online success #ad

The Yellow Pages ruled the advertising world for 100 years. It was the most widely distributed business directory in the world. Any business wanted to have its name in the Yellow Pages. But times change, and now the important business directories are the ones online, not the printed books that become obsolete in a year. Online directories have several important advantages. For example: • They can be updated instantly. In fact, if the directory owner allows, the business itself can update its listing. • They can specialize in a niche market, so the people who visit the directory are people who... [...]

Build websites in Record time with InstaBuilder 2.0 ad#

InstaBuilder was first released several month ago. It had a lot of automation to make it simple to build websites. Now InstaBuilder 2.0, much enhanced from the initial release, is available. In the new version, all the technical barriers have been removed so creating your own pages can now be a fulfilling experience, not a frustrating one. The fluid Drag & Drop Editor lets you place any Element onto wherever you want on your page. Its User Interface is easy foranyone, with an easy Drag & Drop process. New in the version 2.0, is a survey feature letting you add a survey of up to 5 questions... [...]

Last day to get Instabuilder 2.0 Discount #ad

A week ago, Suzanna Theresia launched InstaBuilder 2.0, and the sale has been a big success for her, over 3000 copies sold. She has decided to end the discount tonight. This new software gives anyone the ability to build slick, professional web pages with point-and-click ease. This tool makes it easy by giving you over 100 templates for pages you probably want to build at some point. You don’t have to use them, but they are there if you want them. It also comes with a whole portfolio of graphics you can drag and drop onto the page you are building. And it tracks how people use your site.... [...]

InstaBuilder builds marketing websites by Drag-And-Drop #ad

The brand new InstaBuilder 2.0 is a “no tech skills needed” online marketer’s answer to the toughest site building problems. You can literally know almost nothing about technology and still succeed in creating a professional looking and acting website. Any marketer can use it and get a site running in minutes. Here are some of its most valuable features: • A brand new, sophisticated User Interface • A design that is mobile-devise responsive (and includes Mobile-ready pages, too) • A powerful Drag & Drop technology that lets you build your web pages the way you want them •... [...]

‘4 Subtle Symptoms of a Poor Performing Website’ – HubSpot

Marc Herschberger says, “Your website might be sick (and not in a good way). Don’t take it personal, most websites on the Internet today are suffering from something that’s holding them back from being in tip-top shape. Now, you may be saying, “Well, hold on! If you’re saying my website is sick, how come I don’t know about it?” Good question. When we think of “sick” or broken websites, we often revert back to images of entire sites down or pages that have completely lost their formatting”. 4 Subtle Symptoms of a Poor Performing Website HubSpot  [...]

Beginner’s Guide to Building a Website #ad

Dean Olmstead has just released a short, quick course on building a website. It includes the critical steps: • How to register a domain name • How to set up a hosting account • How to upload your website to the Internet. These easy video lessons take you from knowing nothing to getting your site running in short order. And he includes four niche WordPress templates that will make it easy for you to start your website in style. Check it out and get your own tutoring from his videos here: course on building a website.  [...]

Why is everybody talking about Video Jacker? #ad

If you’re like most of our readers, you have received dozens of affiliate emails promoting VideoJacker. On Monday, we got 29, along with a similar number since then. Why such a big interest among affiliates? Well, it’s powerful software that makes it easy to copy another website and then tweak your copy and call it your own. Affiliates thought their audiences would lap it up (with nice commissions for them.) These affiliates were right; people did buy a lot of copies of VideoJacker, nearly 2000. The grand opening sale ends today at 9:00 PM EDT. So, if you want it, this is your last... [...]

Weblify: SEO Traffic Tool With 4 Years Of Results #ad

Ricky Mataka has just released new software to improve SEO for your site. He calls it Weblify. This new software is a new update of software Mataka has been using for years. And he has sold it to a limited number of clients who paid $297 for itand were glad to do it because they have also found it helps them benefit their own sites. Now Mataka is opening this solution to a broader group of marketers for a much reduced price. With Weblify, you can build sites with: • Silo structures that you control • Backlinking that you control • Content that you control • Monetization that... [...]