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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Archive for the 'Video Creation Software' Category

TikTok videos for good marketing (TikVideoCyborg, VideoTik) #ad

TikTok is the online sensation that people (over 800 million)seem to be flocking to. It is filled with short videos that are created by individuals who are a lot like you. The best videos can attract thousands of views, along with Likes, Comments and Forwards. Some even have over a million views. TikTok has become real competition for YouTube for very short videos. And that makes it an opportunity for online marketers. If you can produce an attractive video, you can inspire clicks on your offers. The important point for you is that TikTok is just at the beginning. Most marketers haven’t discovered... [...]

Swarm automates video creation and marketing #ad

Swarm is a video creation tool, but different from most tools that our industry has been using. It creates short (6 minute) videos that you use to build your business and your income stream. The odd thing is that you do it without selling anything. There’s a good chance you have seen videos like this yourself but didn’t realize how well they were working. And it’s a simple process, just 3 Steps. Once you login to Swarm. Use it to: 1. Find, 2. Clip and 3. Re-upload the videos it finds for you If you’re a beginner, this may be a good place to start your business. because: ■... [...]

VidSpark: World’s Fastest Drag & Drop Video Builder #ad

Whether you are a product creator or an affiliate and whether you are selling physical products or online e-products or services, video is the key to more sales. VidSpark is the world’s fastest system to build sales videos in minutes. Some users have even called it revolutionary. It combines an innovative design with point-and-click simplicity in one powerful video solution for creating eye-popping, highly engaging marketing videos to attract leads and sales. Here is how you create professional animated videos with VidSpark: 1. Enter your keyword. This will pop-up over 200 of high converting... [...]

FX VisualClips Pro: Video maker for marketers, Day 2 of Launch #ad

With FXVisualClips Pro, you can create e-commerce videos, social videos, video ads, virtually any marketing video you may need. This new software, by Misan Morrison, was just released yesterday and is selling briskly; over 200 copies were sold on the first day of the launch. As a reminder of what this new video creation tool can do, it’s an easy-to-use Drag-and-Drop video editor that makes creating videos simple. You just select a template from it large library, based on your keywords (or use a blank template). Then, use the drag and drop video editor to create and your video. Finally, render... [...]

FXVisualClips Pro: Video maker for all online marketers #ad

If you’re not using video to drive traffic, get leads, and make sales, you’re missing out on traffic, conversions and sales. In short, your business is under-performing. FXVisualClips Pro is a cloud-based software tool that makes it easier than ever to create remarkable videos for use in all aspects of online business. There are all sorts of templates (over 200) included. They look amazing, by the way. Once your video is built, FXVisualClips Pro makes it easy to share your videos across social media for lots of free traffic with a few clicks of your mouse. With this new SaaS app, you can create... [...]

Video Dashboard gets free traffic for your business #ad

Any online business needs customers; that’s obvious. You need a way to get potential customers to see and respond to your offers. Without these actions, you are just pursuing a hobby, not building a business. In the last 20 years, there has been one proven, evergreen way to get more customers for any business, online or offline: finding and using the latest trending platforms and topics before they become mainstream and popular. Find out what is just starting to become widely discussed and then use that knowledge to customize your content to take advantage of the novel and the exciting, in... [...]

Video Dashboard: researches, creates and posts social videos #ad

Create stunning, relevant videos and spread them around popular social media platforms with Video Dashboard. This new software, being released by the Paul Ponna team, includes the first of its kind “Market Pulse Finder” technology that prowls the internet and processes millions of social and video posts every minute to find the trending topics currently being posted about. These are the topics that can bring traffic to your videos. Once Video Dashboard uncovers what is currently hot, it can create videos on these trending topics/niches for you to post. It also tracks the hashtags of... [...]

AnimationStudio:Text-To-Speech Animated Videos (In Minutes) #ad

AnimationStudio is the World’s first video creation software that enables you to produce animated Explainer videos. Your videos can have narration in any of 25 world languages and with the text-to-speech function, you can do it in just minutes. You know from experience know how powerful video is (we all are moved to buy when we see a powerful sales video, right?) Explainer videos, with someone explaining the product, what its benefits are and how it works, are one of the most powerful types of videos for making a sale. The problem we small businesses have is they can be expensive and time consuming... [...]

500 HD Green Screen Videos with 40 pro actors #ad

Imagine live actors promoting your products, without the high cost. That’s what Max Rylski is offering you with his new Green Screen Actors Mega-Sale. Since the actors are presented in front of green screens, you can merge your own artwork of a product, a sale, or other special event so that by theiir movements and gestures, they will be calling attention to your offer. These actors can make your videos look like professional TV commercials. And that professionalism will rub off onto your product, so it will look classier than ever before. Over 500 videos are included. You can see a sample... [...]

Speaq creates and sells ‘High-Converting’ videos #ad

New software, called Speaq Video Software, was released earlier this week by Brad Stephens. It automates the creation of marketing videos. It’s available for a very short launch period, starting Monday and ending today. During this launch, you have a choice of making videos for your own websites or, for just $2.95 more, receiving an agency license so you can sell videos you create to clients. In fact, you can let clients build their own videos. Either way, you can charge a fee to your clients. As an example of what it can do, with Speaq Video Software, you can convert any website link into... [...]