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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Archive for the 'Video Creation Software' Category

Green Screen Studios Bundle: better videos for better marketing #ad

Green screen technology can improve the appearance of your videos, making them more likely to: ► Get people to watch till the end ► Attract Likes, Tweets and Re-posts ► Get clicks on your Call to Action buttons With green screen technology, you record your video in front of a screen that is a particular shade of green. You then use software to remove that green backdrop and replace it with any scene you have a picture of. In the final video after the software processes it, you could be sitting at a TV news desk, standing in an office, or in a scenic outdoor location. If you have the right... [...]

Simple plan to market with animated marketing and sales videos #ad

Explaindio LLC recently released its newest video creation software, Promoyse. This new tool produces Silicon Valley quality videos, and now you can make unlimited videos for just a single payment. This is the first desktop video maker with full video “click & swap” video templates, and available now for one-time investment. Promoyse makes custom animated videos from start to finish. You just need to add your own images, text, and/or video snippets to talk about your product. Fortunately, the video “creation” (you aren’t creating “from scratch”, but... [...]

Promoyse: full length sales videos with just a few mouse clicks #ad

Explaindio LLC, a well-known inventor of innovative video software, has just released Promoyse. It is very first desktop software video maker with full video “click & swap” video templates that is available for a single payment, rather than a monthly fee. This new software can quickly create a wide variety of videos including: ✅ Animated Videos, ✅ Whiteboard Videos ✅ Motion Videos Use your videos for: ► Promos, ► Ads ► Video Sales Letters Promoyse comes with 100 Done For You Templates that you can customize in 3 Simple Steps: Step 1 – Select one of the video... [...]

VideoFXPro launch ends today; discount coupon #ad

Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have been promoting their new online “software as a service” (SaaS) tool, VideoFXPro for the last 7 days. Their launch period is ending today. This is a powerful creator of hybrid animations (sometimes called “cinemagraphs”). It aims to give you more engagement, clicks, leads & sales. Video is your go-to tool for improving your results because your content must be compelling and credible in order to get attention. If you don’t get attention, your results will suffer, and video is the top way to get attention. You won’t need any technical... [...]

Hybrid animations get you more clicks, leads, sales #ad

There’s nothing like a video to capture buyer attention. Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have just released software, called VideoFXPro, that creates hybrid animated videos at the drop of a hat. This new automated software can generate complete videos in seconds. You can use the videos to instantly spice up your social media, blogs, sites and offer pages. Over 1,000 online marketers have seen the value in VideoFXPro and have jumped on board. The process is simple and you won’t need any technical skills to get started: Step 1 – Add a YouTube video, your own video or one from the library... [...]

EyeSlick Video-commerce marketplace for your services & products #ad

You have probably heard of Fiverr, Udemy, and other sites that let you sell your services. These platforms specialize, focusing on one (or a few) particular kinds of service (Udemy, for example, is limited to online training courses). And, of course, you know about YouTube, which specializes in showing videos on all topics, without any special facilities for marketers. There is a new platform, brand new, known as EyeSlick, that allows you to sell services, videos on demand and products using live broadcasting, or recorded, videos. This is similar to services like GoToWebinar, but with some important... [...]

Explaindio Elements: Create animated, doodle, explainer and other videos #ad

New software, Explaindio Elements, creates a well-rounded collection of video styles. Just about any video you want to make, you can create with it. In fact, you can create: ► Hollywood-style Promo Videos ► Creative Kinetic Typography ► Attention-Getting Animation ► Engaging Animated Scenes ► Parallax Videos ► YouTube Outros ► Eye-Catching Logo Stings ► Black & White or color Doodle Sketch Videos ► Product Launch Videos Currently, for a few days, it is in launch mode, with special values and deals, including a commercial license at no extra cost.  . Check out what it... [...]

Make a living building animated videos for marketing and sales #ad

Creating animated videos is Billion dollar industry, and there is plenty of room for new video providers to offer services in many online venues, such as  [...]

Animaze: professional 3D animated videos to use or sell #ad

Neil Napier calls Animaze “the Biggest innovation in the video creation market”. Others call it “mind-blowing”, “last video creator you will ever need”, “stunning” and more. This new software makes videos like nothing you have seen before. You can upload your own head shot photo (or one for a client), and Animaze will turn it into a 3D avatar that will present your message in the animated video you create. Actually, you have a choice: either select from the built-in avatars or upload your own picture. Once you have your avatar created/selected, you... [...]

Only a keyword? No, it’s a lot more, using ViralReel #ad

When you create a marketing video, your goal is to attract people who are interested in a particular keyword (a product name, for example). You want your video to rank for that keyword in the search engines so people will click to see your video. For this approach to be effective, you need to choose a keyword that people are searching for; there’s no point in ranking for “underwater basket weaving” if no one is interested enough to search for it. A good way to check the search volume for a keyword is to use the keyword search volume toolviralReel in Google Webmaster Tools. Once... [...]