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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Archive for the 'Video Creation Software' Category

My Video Factory: Your solution for professional marketing videos #ad

Today at Noon Chris Fox is releasing My Video Factory. Artistically-challenged marketers everywhere rejoice.. With this web-based software, anyone with a connection to the internet can make videos they can be proud of. With My Video Factory, you can: • Create, Build (& even Spin unlimited versions of) your video from a web-based system • Create unique versions of your videos for each video site where you want to post one, so you can easily target multiple keywords with the different versions • Drag and drop your slides to create perfectly flowing videos • Select from the big selection... [...]

Freshsentation: The Easiest Way to Create Pro Videos in Powerpoint #ad

One method for making videos for use in your online marketing is to use the power of Powerpoint. You can have motion and add an audio track. But for the bet results from your video, you need to use an attractive look and feel, not something that looks like it was slapped in a few moments. Agus Sakti has created a second set of new templates for online videos that he calls Freshsentation, Vol 2. With these templates you can be sure that your videos will look professional. This bundle of presentation goodies contains a large selection of designs, transitions, and animations, all done for you and... [...]

iPocket Video: Make pro video on the go with iPhone #ad

You may be surprised to hear that you really can create top-quality, high-converting sales/promo videos on your iPhone. Joey Xoto, who may fairly be called a video-guru, is sharing some of his best video tips about how to avoid low-quality, ugly videos when using your iPhone. He just released his new iPocket Video training that shows you how to maximize your video quality on an iPhone. (And nearly all of this also applies to Android phones. ) Xoto has ben experimenting with iPhone videos and has found ways to get the most out of its video capability. He has found that all it takes to potentially... [...]

TTS Video Studio: The best Text to Speech software ever? #ad

Jimmy Mancini just announced his latest generation of text-to-speech software, his TTS Video Studio. This is a video creator and editor that does the “voice-over” automatically using natural-sounding computer-generated voices. But it doesn’t sound computer-generated. It’s surprisingly natural sounding. And it comes with both British and American accents, with both male and female voices. The process is simple; paste in your text and select the voice to use. In a few moments your audio track is created. Couple it with graphics, text or other visual content, and you’re... [...]

“Video Alchemy” lets anyone make a video with no skills, no stress #ad

This fascinating new software, Video Alchemy, lets you turn any article, your own, PLR or curated from the internet, into a video. It works the way you want to work: • It’s Super-Fast It makes animated, talking videos (in any language) in less than 2 minutes. • It’s Easy To Use You will finish your video in just a few clicks, with an easy, responsive user interface. • It Finds Content for Your Video You don’t ever need to spend your time creating your content if you don’t want to. There’s a demo of Video Alchemy in action on the sales page. If you want to quickly... [...]

My Video Pal: If you always wanted to create high quality videos #ad

Now marketing video can be created without: ■ High-priced video editors ■ Ninja tech skills ■ Outsourcers who work at their own pace, not your schedule If you want to create cool videos without hassles, time loss or big expense, you may be interested in a new toolkit called My Video Pal, Version 2 that is packed with templates, animated swipe files and other resources to use to quickly deploy engaging videos using PowerPoint. The first version was a big aid for videos, but version 2 is even bigger. Look at the tools it contains: • Photo swipe files • Testimonial swipe files • Animated... [...]

SociVidz Video Software: research, create, upload & promote #ad

Abbas Ravji has been a full time marketer and software developer for several years. He has built a team of experienced developers to work with him. This team has created a new solution for the marketer who knows video is the wave of the future and can no longer be ignored. There is new all-around video marketing software is called SociVidz Video Software. It’s a well-rounded solution for marketers that know they need to get started in video . With SociVidz Video Software, you can: 1. Quickly do keyword research to find the best words to use for tags, whatever your niche 1. Create Videos... [...]

Video Spin Blaster Pro: Creates Professional Videos #ad

Video Spin Blaster Pro: Creates Professional Videos #ad Vlad and Stoica have just released their latest software in their Blaster product line. It is version 2.0 of Video Spin Blaster Pro. If you want your videos to be created in minutes and to be professional quality, and have features such as: • A realistic human-sounding voice (not a computerized robot voice) that is actually text-to-speech • Optional automatic printing of the spoken word on the screen • Still images, video clips or both, in any order • Background music, you should check out this latest version of Video Spin Blaster... [...]

SVG Mega Pack: characters & shapes for custom whiteboard videos #ad

On sale through 6 PM EDT Thursday. SVG Mega pack has over 500 components you can use however meets your needs in an animated whiteboard video or in a static visual. Use them with most video software, such as Easy Sketh Pro (see the demo on the sales page) or Sparkol VideoScribe and others. You are getting 21 categories of graphics, including: • Arrows • Buildings • Charts and graphs • People • Animals • Shapes • and many more All this graphic goodness for just $9.99 until 6 PM EDT, Septermer 11. Get it here: SVG Mega pack.  [...]

Local Whiteboard Video Producer Vol 4: for local niche business sites #ad

Matt Bush just created new whiteboard videos that you can use with your clients to help them market their business. As in his previous volumes, Local Whiteboard Video Producer Vol 4 is well-researched to be just what businesses in these niches need. The four niches in this latest package are: • Pest Control • Home and Business Security Services • Laser Eye Surgery • Cosmetic Surgery These businesses need a professional video to advertise their services. You can supply it with Bush’s Local Whiteboard Video Producer Vol 4. Not only that, Bush is giving you 4 more videos... [...]