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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Archive for the 'Paid Search Marketing' Category

Here’s How to Handle Ranking Fluctuations

Search engine rankings keep changing depending on the contents posted on various sites and the relevance measured by the search engines.MOZ’s Rand Fishkin has posted a video on how to handling ranking fluctuations.MOZ team says, “Rankings fluctuations can be panic-inducing, but they happen to everyone. In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand discusses why ranking fluctuations occur, the importance of keeping your cool during those darker moments, and how to identify when you should actually be concerned”.Handling Ranking Fluctuations (Video) [...]

HubSpot’s Guide to Get Started with Paid Search

Marketers are going for paid search to get priority positions in the search engines. Google, the biggest search player, earned 95% of its revenues from paid search in the year 2016.HubSpot’s y Kate Taylor Mighty has published a free guide to get started with the paid search. Kate has focused on landing page testing, finding right keywords and SERP.On finding new keywords, Kate says, “In addition to landing page testing, you can also use paid search to find new keywords for your campaign. Google AdWords generates a Search Terms report that displays all of the keywords for which your... [...]

Marketers can Win at Search by Integrating Paid & Organic Search

A good search engine rank matters. Marketers and webmasters design various tactics to attract search engines to their sites but a few could make it.Search Engine Land columnist David Freeman advocates the integration of paid and organic search into a single holistic search strategy. Freeman has shared five tips for this integration.On optimizing overall search performance, Freeman says, “With the coverage gaps identified, they can be prioritized based on search volume, competition, purchase funnel stage and contribution to sales. If the gaps sit toward the top of the funnel, the search... [...]

Don’t Oversimplify Content for Google Rankings

Simple and easy to understandable content has been the key to achieve good Google search rankings.But in a recent in-depth article Search Engine Land columnist Eric Enge advises marketers to not to oversimplify the content for getting a good ranking.On how Google keeps improving its search algorithm, Enge says, “As an industry, we need to change how we think about Google. Yet we seem to remain desperate to make the algorithms simple. “Oh, it’s this one factor that really drives things,” we want to say, but that world is gone forever. This is not a PageRank situation, where we’ll... [...]

Average #1 Ranking Page Ranks Well for 1,000 Relevant Keywords

Acheieving a good ranking in search engines is a priority for all the marketers. And it is the key to online success as most searchers are interested in the sites and services which rank high.Ahrefs has published a new study according to which the average #1 ranking page will also rank in the top 10 for nearly 1,000 other relevant keywords.Advising marketers to get their pages rank well in search engines, Tim Soulo says, “As you can probably tell by looking at the above-mentioned outliers, the best way to rank for more keywords is to choose the right topic. Certain topics tend to have a... [...]

Cyrus Shepard’s 7 Hacks for Increased Rankings

It is very important for marketers to keep themselves abreast of the latest search engine trends and techniques. Proper SEO knowledge can help them take their business to new heights.MOZ’s Cyrus Shepard has shared 7 hacks for increased search engine rankings in this week’s Whiteboard Friday video.The MOZ team says, “You may find yourself wondering whether the humble title tag still matters in modern SEO. When it comes to your click-through rate, the answer is a resounding yes! In today’s Whiteboard Friday, we welcome back our good friend Cyrus Shepard to talk about 7 ways... [...]

Merkle’s Q1 2017 Report Lists Paid Search Trends

Merkle, a performance marketing agency specializing in data-based marketing solutions, has reported 2017 paid search trends in its Digital Marketing Report for Q1.The following are the key stats:Spending on Google AdWords increased 21% YOY in Q1 2017Tablet bids have declinedSpending on Google Adwords phone increased by 21%.To discover more findings, visit Search Engine Land.Merkle’s Digital Marketing Report for 2017-Q1 [...]

‘The State of Links: Yesterday’s Ranking Factor?’ – MOZ

Tom Capper says, “Back in September last year, I was lucky enough to see Rand speak at MozCon. His talk was about link building and the main types of strategy that he saw as still being relevant and effective today. During his introduction, he said something that really got me thinking, about how the whole purpose of links and PageRank had been to approximate traffic.Essentially, back in the late ’90s, links were a much bigger part of how we experienced the web — think of hubs like Excite, AOL, and Yahoo. Google’s big innovation was to realize that, because people navigated the... [...]

‘How to Increase Search Engine Rankings for a Redesigned Website’ – Small Business Trends

Ronald Dod says, “As a small business, your website is your greatest marketing tool and asset. You need to leverage it as such. It is the first thing that your customers are going to see. It can also be a strong customer acquisition tool to acquire customers through search engines, social media, etc.Regardless of your size, it is always a good idea to redo your website and its design. My small business redesigns our website every year and a half. It is such a long process that, basically, once we finish the design, we start working on the next one. The reason for this? We see how much value... [...]

‘Launching a New Website: Your SEO Checklist’ – MOZ

MOZ team says, “Hovering your finger over the big red “launch” button for your new website? Hold off for just a second (or 660 of them, rather). There may be SEO considerations you haven’t accounted for yet, from a keyword-to-URL content map to sweeping for crawl errors to setting up proper tracking. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand covers five big boxes you need to check off before finally setting that site live”.Launching a New Website: Your SEO ChecklistMOZ [...]