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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Archive for the 'Ecommerce Business Models' Category

Want 1 cent clicks to your e-commerce store? #ad

An avid surfer (nicknamed Lyfe Lyte) travels the world (and has for years) to every surfing beach he can find, always hunting down his next wave. In fact, he just got back to America a few months ago after spending 2 full years surfing. This isn’t a cheap lifestyle that he has chosen, even though he often sleeps on the beach. But he has the income to live this way because he has set up processes for his business, so he doesn’t have to be tied down to a desk just to keep his business going. Lyte said, “I didn’t start a business online just to be on the computer 15 hours... [...]

Easy eCommerce Sites: BigSales Generator #ad

Vadim Sirbu has released a new eCommerce solution, BigSales Generator. This new software is a complete tool for building your eCommerce sites. Sirbu knew that most people don’t have the training or skills to do heavy-duty technical work, so he designed Big Sales Generator as a tool that can be used by ordinary, non-technical users. So, fortunately for all of us, this makes your sites easy to set up and easy to maintain. You package contains all the information you need in order to succeed in building your online business with this software. You get your marketing plan, your content and... [...]

eCom Premier Academy: Affordable training for eCommerce success #ad

eCommerce is a tried and proven way to earn a living online. Build an online store where you sell what people want to buy, then promote your store properly to bring in traffic. This sounds simple, and seen from 5,000 meters (15, 000 feet), it is simple. It’s only when you get down to the ground level and actually start doing it that you notice the complications and experience the frustration. But if you find a good mentor, someone who has already gone through the complications and frustrations and is willing to share what he has learned, then you can bypass a lot of trial and error, with... [...]

Six Principles of Successful E-commerce

E-Commerce sales in the U.S. totaled $306 billion in 2014 and are projected to pass $494 billion by 2018. With numbers like this, it is safe to say that e-commerce is here to stay and is only becoming more powerful by the minute. You might already run your own e-commerce store or are about to launch one from scratch; either way, there are six principles every e-commerce website should follow. 1- Clean Visuals Visuals and the overall look of your website are one of the most important elements in building trust with potential customers and in increasing their engagement on your site. If a website... [...]

Exclusive software giveaway for IM NewsWatch readers #ad

If you haven’t already downloaded these Two Free Software Tools, this is your last opportunity. They will help you get more Amazon traffic & more buyers and, this week only, they are available free: 1. Crowd Force will help you pin-point and take advantage of targeted traffic opportunities. With its special design, it helps you drive high-value visitors to your Amazon listings, (whether they be for a physical product or for a Kindle e-book.) 2. Description Master+ will help you convert more of those visitors into buyers by helping you build better ads. Even if you aren’t selling... [...]

$300,000 per month starting from Zero (inspirational story from Icelandic farm boy) #ad

This is the story of Daniel Audunsson, a young Icelandic man. He quit school to pursue his dream of building his own business. His family doubted his ambition would be realized, but he was determined, and over time, he built his business to over $300,000 monthly profit (that’s after all expenses were paid), If Audunsson could reach this high income, starting off from a farm in Iceland, this is something that anyone who puts their mind to it could probably do. The process he used is one of the things detailed in his new training, eFormula Evolution. In it, Audunson and his partners, Aidan... [...]

Incelandic school-boy makes good; tells all. Exclusive software giveaway #ad

Daniel Audunsson dropped out of school and started an e-commerce business. In a short while, his business grew to $300,000 per month. Now, he and his partner are up to $6 Million per year. To help you get started on this path, they are giving you copies of two software tools they call Crowd Force and Description Master+.. Here’s the whole story. IM NewsWatch has made special arrangements with Aundunsson and his partners to give you this software (no opt-in required). Normally, this is a part of their new eFormula Evolution package, but to give you a taste of the power of their e-commerce... [...]

‘Digital Business Means it’s Time to Evolve’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Martin Gill says, “I’m returning from three days at Forrester’s Technology Management Forum in London. The theme was “Unleash Your Digital Business”, and a very public event on the first day hammered home the timeliness and relevance of the story. Parliament passed the “Ordinance for the Regulation of Hackney-Coachmen”in 1654.  London at that time would have been unrecognizable to the modern city-dweller. Over a decade before the Great Fire destroyed swathes of the medieval city. Almost 200 years before Charles Dickens immortalized the orphans,... [...]

‘Beyond B2C: A Primer on 4 Different Ecommerce Business Models’ – HubSpot

The latest article on HubSpot blog is titled “Beyond B2C: A Primer on 4 Different Ecommerce Business Models”. Sam Mallikarjunan says, “Although “ecommerce” tends to be thought of as a homogeneous business model based on the success of such titans as and Walmart, there are actually many different ways that an ecommerce website can make money online. Based on who is selling to whom, what they’re selling, where they got it, and how they’re completing the transaction(s), an ecommerce business can build a completely unique model that gives... [...]