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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Want 1 cent clicks to your e-commerce store? #ad

An avid surfer (nicknamed Lyfe Lyte) travels the world (and has for years) to every surfing beach he can find, always hunting down his next wave. In fact, he just got back to America a few months ago after spending 2 full years surfing.This isn’t a cheap lifestyle that he has chosen, even though he often sleeps on the beach. But he has the income to live this way because he has set up processes for his business, so he doesn’t have to be tied down to a desk just to keep his business going.Lyte said, “I didn’t start a business online just to be on the computer 15 hours... [...]

Exclusive software giveaway for IM NewsWatch readers #ad

If you haven’t already downloaded these Two Free Software Tools, this is your last opportunity.They will help you get more Amazon traffic & more buyers and, this week only, they are available free:1. Crowd Force will help you pin-point and take advantage of targeted traffic opportunities. With its special design, it helps you drive high-value visitors to your Amazon listings, (whether they be for a physical product or for a Kindle e-book.)2. Description Master+ will help you convert more of those visitors into buyers by helping you build better ads.Even if you aren’t selling... [...]