Arbitrage is finding goods for sale at a low price, then selling them to buyers willing to pay a higher price. On Amazon, you can find buyers (millions of them) eager to buy almost anything of value. If you can find products at prices most people never see, you can use Amazon’s wide reach to sell for a profit.

Amazon has good prices; it’s true, but they are not always the lowest price seller. That’s where your opportunity arises. For example, often has individual items for lower prices than Amazon.

But it can be a difficult, time-consuming process to find the items where you can, as the saying goes, “buy low, sell high.” But now there is a solution.

The ArbiMate WordPress Plugin does the hard work for you. Now, you can instantly discover Walmart products that you can sell on Amazon for a profit.

You tell this plugin the category of items you want to show on your site. It searches the Walmart site for items in the category tha have a much lower price than the same item is sold for on Amazon. Then you just place these items in your online Amazon e-commerce store and you make the arbitrage profit every time they sell.

The nice thing is that with this arbitrage process, you don’t need to buy the product until you sell it on Amazon, so there’s very little money needed to run this business.

This looks like a way that even a beginner can start an online business quickly.

Watch this video to see it in action:

arbiMate Quick Demo from Teknikforce Ventures LLC on Vimeo.

If that sounds like it will help you, get all the details here: ArbiMate.

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