PLR Funnels was just released. It fills a need that many marketers have, especially those who are:
• Not tech-savvy
• Those who are just beginning (but its benefits will attract some established marketers, too.

A marketing funnel is key for a marketer’s lonng-term success. Selling a single product to a customer doesn’t build a business very quickly. You want to have a series of products that you can offer to your customers who bought your first product. People who invest in your first product may find that related products that you offer are also attractive and buy them as well.

This group of related products that you offer to people who bought the preceding product is known as your marketing funnel.

If takes some skill and some planning to develop a funnel. And it also takes skill and planning to develop the products you place in the funnel.

How about we take care of everything so you can just sit back & relax…PLR Funnels was created to solve both of these problems for you.

Gone are the long hours of editing, sleepless nights and working overtime. Now you can hae a funnel full of products in an hour or less.

PLR Funnels has the software to create a funnel, and it has products to sell in your funnel.

It comes with 27000 Sales Pages, Bonus Pages, Optin Pages, along with ready-to-sell products under your own name (or your company name).

Your business now becomes a simple as 1-2-3:
Step 1- Login to PLR Funnels
Step 2- Select the PLR you want to sell and which page in your funnel that each product should be sold on.
Step 3- Publish your funnel and attract traffic.

See the complete business-boosting features here: PLR Funnels.

With this software and content solution, you can easily:
➤ Simplify your life by reducing your dependency on multiple apps and expensive monthly subscriptions
➤ Stop paying the mon thly costs of third-party apps you have been using
➤ Get started with no prior tech experience needed
➤ Avoid ongoing charges completely.

With this in your marketing arsenal, you will be better positioned to making an online income by selling premium products. Along with the products themselves, you are getting sales pages, bonus pages, opt-in pages, etc.

And we have arranged three top bonuses for our readers who invest:

PLR Funnels Binuses

1) Instant Blogging System

You can create easily Google AMP pages. Instant Blog has a clean, responsive, and user-friendly design. You are able to manage your posts, categories, users, and settings with its powerful Admin panel. Dynamic form for creating posts. Ad management ready you can easily add ads to your posts. It is secured, SEO optimized, fast, and simple to use.

2) WordPress Plugin Maker + Code Generator

This is a WordPress Plugin Maker (stand-alone tool) can build a complete
plugin code and also you can develop a WordPress Plugin that customized features
very quickly.

3) Visual Page Builder

This is a powerful application and it has all features of PHP Admin Pro. It helps you to create a website without writing a single line of code.

You will find these bonuses in your membership area.

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