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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Tips to Optimize Images for Google Search

When it comes to search engine optimization, images play a vital role along with the text and video. With proper publishing strategies you can drive more website traffic from search engines. The Practical Ecommerce contributor Jill Kocher Brown has shared an article highlighting some useful strategies to optimize your images for the Google search results. Brown says, “Optimizing images for search engines is based on relevance to a keyword theme, as is optimizing textual content. For images, however, the lack of visible text means that the process is different. The key is to focus on... [...]

10 Ways to Grow an Email List in 2019 [Video]

The Practical Ecommerce team has published a video recording from its online seminar. The video is titled ’10 Ways to Grow an Email List in 2019′. Watch this video to learn ten ways to grow your ecommerce email list. The Practical Ecommerce team says, “Our presentation will include the following key points. Popups for signups. We’ll review good and bad ways to use popups for email signups. We’ll address mobile popups as well as tips for deploying popups on desktop browsers. Mining the database. Especially for mature email programs, an existing email database typically... [...]

‘Killer Amazon Ad Strategies’ Webinar 2.00 pm ET [Webinar]

The Practical Ecommerce team is hosting a webinar on ‘Killer Amazon Ad Strategies for Brands, Retailers’ on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 2.00 pm ET. The Practical Ecommerce team says, “Advertising on Amazon can drive much traffic. But it can also be expensive and produce little benefit. In this 30-minute online seminar, we’ll offer proven, expert strategies to get the most from Amazon’s Sponsored Brands ads, Sponsored Products ads, and Display ads. We’ll address the following key points. A9, targets, and search terms. High-performing advertisers understand Amazon’s A9... [...]

Tomorrow, EngagerMate automated Instagram engagement is released #ad

Luke Maquire has been preparing for the launch of his new product, EngagerMate. Maguire is hosting a free Webinar tomorrow at 8 AM EDT, showing you the potential of Instagram, when you use the EngagerMate engine to rev it up. Sign up for the webinar and you will also get additional free training in downloadable form. Plus there will be prizes given away during the webinar. Here is why you should take the time to participate in this webinar, even though it is early in the day (or very late at night) for a lot of you: ► Instagram has over 1 Billion Active Monthly users. ► Approximately 80% of... [...]

Seven Techniques to Close More Sales

Closing one more sale is always an achievement. To increase the frequency of such achievements you need to master the art of communicating with your prospects and customers and understand their mindset. The HubSpot contributor Adam Wiggins has shared seven sales-closing techniques that work well. Wiggins says, “To close a sale with a prospect, there are many techniques you can employ. Here are a few of them: Traditional Sales Closing Techniques Traditional sales closing techniques usually employ some psychological tricks designed to give that final nudge. Here are two of the most common. 1.... [...]

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing [Entrepreneur]

The Entrepreneur magazine contributor Susan Gunelius has shared a slide show highlighting the 10 laws of social media marketing. Watch this slide show to improve your social media marketing results. Gunelius says, “Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way. But getting started without any previous experience or insight could be challenging. It’s vital that you understand social media marketing fundamentals. From maximizing quality to increasing your online entry points, abiding by these 10... [...]

Tips to Achieve More Sales Using Google Reviews

User reviews can turn out to be a treasure when it comes to attracting new customers and boosting your sales. The Entrepreneur magazine contributor Imran Tariq has shared three useful tips to use Google Reviews for increasing customers and sales. Tariq says, “Google reviews don’t just help you show up in search results  — they also have a direct impact on customer decision-making. A 2019 survey by BrightLocalfound that “91 percent of 18-34-year-old consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations,” with over half not using businesses with less... [...]

YouTube has all the traffic you need. Here’s how to use it #ad

It has been reported that YouTube has 1.9 Billion users every month. Your potential clients are among those users. Dr Amit Pareek has just released new training on how to use YouTube ads, YouTube Ads 2019-20 Made Easy. At just $9.95 (for this grand opening sale), what you learn from this training can quickly repay your investment many times. But Dr Pareek goes even farther. Besides learning from this training, he lets you sell it to other YouTube users. Not only that, he allows you to remove his own name from it and place your name on it instead. That’s right, you can be credited as the author... [...]

Three Tips to Create LinkedIn Ads That Convert More Customers

Creating the LinkedIn advertisements that make your prospects and click and take action is a challenging task. You can create such converting ads with a combination of right theme and the supporting graphics. The Entrepreneur magazine contributor Ted Prodromou has shared three tips that will help you to create effective LinkedIn ads. Prodromou says, “Everyone sees thousands of ads every day, so it’s hard to break through the clutter and grab someone’s attention. You need to interrupt a viewer’s thought pattern without being annoying. If you pique their interest, they’ll click on... [...]

‘The Changing Face of Optimization’ Webinar May 7

Beeswax is hosting a webinar on ‘The Changing Face of Optimization: New approaches that maximize the value of your programmatic strategy’ on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at 1:00 pm EDT. The Beeswax team says, “The word ‘optimization’ gets thrown around a lot in the programmatic industry. It’s a key element of any and every successful programmatic strategy, after all. However, most programmatic optimization options today alternate between “black boxes” or simplistic levers — the consequence being results that fail to meet advertisers’ pay-off expectations. Tune in to... [...]

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